self care list ideas

42 Tried And True Self Care List Ideas To Boost Your Mood

This post is all about 40+ self care list ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel relax and loved!

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self care list ideas

If you’re having one of those days when you feel overwhelmed and life just sucks, or you’re just craving a good self care night this list is exactly what you need right now.

Cuz you don’t need an excuse to treat yourself like a queen!

These self care ideas are guaranteed to help you relax and get to a better space mentally, if not make you your happiest self (cuz let’s be real, it’s kinda annoying when people give you *happiness* tips on a bad day!).

Now, I don’t know about you but the first thing I turn to when I need an escape on a bad day is social media. And it never turns out to be useful. I always end up feeling more anxious, stressed and sometimes, sh*tty about my life.

That’s why, the next time you’re having a bad day, (hopefully, never again. But a brain as dramatic as mine, that’s not possible!) pick something from this list, instead of picking up your phone.

Whether you want something creative, relaxing, or a quick fix, one of these self care list ideas is guaranteed to fix your serotonin!

self care list ideas

1. Brain Dump Your Worries

This is literally the first thing that I do whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Pick up your journal and start writing down everything that comes to you mind. It’ll make you realize that most of the things you keep stressing about are not even worth it.

Remember, no judgements here!

2. hot girl walk

Put in your earphones, play a podcast, and go on a walk. It’s the best way to refresh your mind, and come back with a fresh perspective.

Give yourself the change of scenery you need, enjoy the nature, & get some vitamin D!

hot girl walk essentials

They’re literally so comfy!

3. Cuddle Up with your fav book

There’s nothing a good book can’t solve, haha! If you want some motivation, read a self help book,

if you want to get lost in another world, read a fantasy

And if you just want something sweet, maybe a rom-com is for you!

Self Help



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4. paint by numbers

Sound like a childhood self-care list ideas. But I know some adults who absolutely love paint by numbers. Because they think it let’s them be artistic without having to think of ideas.

And it’s the best mindfulness activity to help their mind calm down.

5. watching trash t.v. shows

Let’s be honest, we all love them sometimes! Because on some bad days, you literally just need to zone out and not think about life. Like at all.

And putting on a trash show is the best way to switch of your mind, haha.

6. have a spa day

Have a perfect relaxing spa day. Now, you don’t always need to spend money and book an appointment to practice self care.

You can also get this at-home spa kit and pamper yourself in a budget friendly way!

7. make a compliments jar

This is such a cool self care idea! Write down things that you love about yourself, and compliments that other people have given you and store them all in a jar.

So that the next time you start doubting yourself, you open this jar to boost your confidence.

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8. talk to a friend

Who need therapy when you’ve got girlfriends, right?

Call your girlfriend and do some much needed catchup. I’m sure you’ll leave the call feeling grateful!

9. clean your space and lit a candle

Clean space, clean mind, isn’t it?

Even if you don’t want to deep clean right now, just start on a 15 minute timer and put everything in place.

Maybe even light a scented candle to get the cozy feels.

10. make your comfy meal

Cooking can be therapeutic for some people. Especially if that involves pasta, haha!

Put your comfy show in the background and make your favorite meal.

11. do something artsy

Art can be a great way to express your emotions. And it also helps you be more mindful.

Whether you try painting, or making jewelry, or start a bullet journal, it’ll end up making you feel relaxed only!

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12. gratitude journal

I know it might seem that there’s nothing to be thankful for right now, but trust me, you have way more blessings than you count on a daily basis.

Just write down 3 specific things that you’re grateful for to begin with.

13. puzzle

Puzzling while sipping wine, sounds like the perfect self care night activity.

It’ll help you focus your mind on something better, give you a feeling of accomplishment, and help you relax.

14. make a vision board

If you’re a goals person, creating a vision board would be so much fun. And you can actually keep this vision board on your work desk to help you stay motivated and productive.

15. workout

Cuz who doesn’t want a dopamine kick!? And workout is the best way to get it.

You might not have the motivation to workout to begin with, but you’ll feel so much better after finishing it.

16. plan a date

Spend some much needed time with your partner. Sometimes hanging out with a loved one is all the comfort you need.

And you partner would love it as well!

17. sleep

Catch up on some sleep! sometimes a good deep sleep is all you need get rid of the stress and look at things with a fresh mind.

18. bubble baths

I know it’s the most cliché self care list ideas, but it can be really relaxing after a long tiring week!

Adding this bathtub tray to my bath routines has seriously upgraded the game for me.

19. have a dance party

Do you also play harry styles songs at home and pretend to be dancing at his concerts, to escape your bad days? Or is it just me?

Well, let’s call it a different kind of manifesting, haha!

20. listen to a motivating podcast

If you’re having a bad day, listening to a motivational podcast can be an amazing self care list ideas to try.

There are so many good ones out there. Here are some of my favs.

21. take deep breaths

Sometimes it’s better to take deep breaths and calm down your racing anxious thoughts, before thinking of starting a self care activity.

Next time you feel anxious or stressed, try taking 10 deep breaths and you’ll notice how it helps you calm down.

23. go on a solo date

I’ve been romanticizing the idea of going on a solo date for a while now.

You can go to your favorite café, with your laptop or a book, or a cooking class, or simply go to the movies.

24. digital detox

You might not like this, but it’s one of self care list ideas will hands down improve your mental health, within a day.

Don’t use any technology for a day, go old-school, and just try to be present in the moment.

Here are some fun things to do on a digital detox day.

25. watch the sunset

Spending time in nature and enjoying little things like these really help you realize that life is wayyy bigger than all the little things you keep worrying about.

26. drink more water

Seriously, do it now. In fact, fill up a water bottle and carry it with you all the time. It really helps you increase your water intake.

You can definitely get yourself a Stanley cup, they’re so pretty you won’t mind carrying them with you outdoors too.

27. answer some self love journal prompts

We don’t appreciate ourselves enough, and these self love journal prompts will give you an excuse to admire yourself and make you feel good.

28. get your nails done

I don’t know about you but I feel like a boss whenever I get my nails done. So, if you want that instant boost of confidence, get your nails done.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money at nail salons, simply get this at home nail kit, that’ll make your nails look perfect.

29. upgrade your morning routine

To make sure you never have a bad day again. Well, almost.

Create a simple morning routine that helps you focus on your mental and physical health.

Here’s exactly how to start a morning routine that you’ll stick to!

30. have a good laugh

I mean, when was the last time you laughed your heart out?

Been a long time? It’s time to call your old friends, play with a kid, or watch a standup comedy video.

31. face mask

What’s some self care without a good face mask. It’s doesn’t require a lot of effort and you skin will thank you for it!

32. make a bucket list

I’m sure there are a lot of fun things that you want to do! Make a bucket list of all such things.

And don’t dismiss anything on grounds of practicality. Write down huge bucket list goals and let that motivate you.

34. Watch your comfy youtubers

Might sound funny, but I really have 2-3 comfy YouTube channels that I always go to whenever I’m feeling bleh!

And I always end up feeling better after watching those 10-minute videos. Here are some of my comfy channels : Cathrin Manning, Jess & Sara Carolli are my top ones right now!

35. baking

Baking cookies and a hot cup of tea sounds like the perfect self care meal to me.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re gonna love this self care list ideas. It can be a mindful activity to distract yourself.

36. create a good vibes list

Create a list of all the small things that bring you the good vibes; i.e. your morning coffee, playing with you pet, or going to your favorite café.

So, the next time you’re feeling low, you know exactly what to do, instead of scrolling through your phone.

37. gardening

Spending time outside, taking care of your plant babies will surely boost your mood.

If you’re just starting to be a plant mama, get this gardening essentials kit to smooth out the process for you!

38. help someone

There’s literally nothing in the world that would make you happier than helping someone. That’s just how human brain works.

And it’ll make the other person’s day as well!

39. make time for you hobby

Make time for something you enjoy. Whether that’s playing guitar, or basketball. Go back to that childhood love of yours.

Or learn something new that you’ve been meaning to. Soo many people are getting into pottery these days, you can try that!

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40. haircare

Everyone focuses on skincare, but what about your hair? You know that having a good hair day will automatically make you 70% happier!

Try this deep conditioning argan oil hair mask to keep your hair smooth and shiny the next week!

41. get flowers for yourself

Who said you need a man to get yourself flowers? Get yourself some fresh flowers, put them in your living room to be your self love reminder and have your home smelling fresh.

42. do nothing!

Seriously! The last thing you need on a bad day is forcing yourself to DO something.

Sometimes the best thing to do is literally nothing!

This post is all about 40+ self care list ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel relax and loved!

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