simple morning routine

How To Start A Simple Morning Routine That You’ll Stick To!

This is an exhaustive post to help you start a simple morning routine that you’ll actually love and won’t quit in 3 days!

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simple morning routine

Creating morning routines should be the first step on anyone’s personal growth journey! My entire life changed when I started a morning routine that I actually loved and stayed consistent with.

But people often make morning routines this big complex thing and then end up quitting it 3 days later! You don’t have to start a 3-hour morning routine with 15 things to do if you don’t have the time. That’s obviously not sustainable.

I always believe that your routines should be simple, fun and something you look forward to! In fact, my first morning routine was a simple 15-min affair. But because it was so fun, I ended up following it consistently for 3 months before switching it up.

This is an elaborate post to help you start a simple morning routine that you’ll stick to, morning routine ideas and tips to wake up early (something we all struggle with!)

Benefits Of A Simple Morning Routine

Mornings are perfect for some me-time. When the world is asleep and you’re awake and ahead of everyone, you’re able to slow down and process your thoughts better. It’s also the perfect time to get some important work done!

Having a morning routine helps you start your day in proactive mode instead of reactive mode. It allows you to work on yourself before working on anyone else.

And staying consistent with it gives you a sense of control over your days, reduces stress, and makes you more confident in life.

How To Create A Morning Routine

If you have no idea on how to create a morning routine that’ll change your life for real, here is an easy 4 step process. Use this to create a simple morning routine that works for you!

1. How much time do you have

Figure out how much time do you have in the morning? No matter how busy you are, I’m sure you can take out 15 minutes for yourself in the morning. Start with that!

I initially started this journey with a simple 15-minute morning routine that helped me shift my life drastically.

2. What Do You Wanna Do?

How would you like to start your mornings? Don’t just incorporate random ideas from the internet into your routines. Begin with things that would motivate you to get out of bed every morning.

Whether it’s going on a walk, reading, or simply the smell of your morning coffee!

3. Keep It Simple

By now you must’ve figured out that I’m a huge advocate of keeping things as simple as possible. Quit the all or nothing attitude. One small step at a time will take you farther along in the personal growth journey.

If you always feel overwhelmed in life, watch this free workshop on ‘7 keys to simplify your life and make it more fun’. The concepts discussed inside this workshop create some massive mindset shifts!

4. Stay Consistent

You can’t expect life changing results if you only follow your routine for 3 days! That’s why it’s important to create routines that you truly want to follow.

You can also use habit trackers to motivate yourself to stay consistent and push through the hard days.

Simple Morning Routine Ideas

Here are some simple morning routine ideas that you can try. Do not start more than 3 new habits at once. I might sound like a broken record at this point (lol) but keep it simple!

1. Listen To A Personal Growth Podcast

This is the first thing that I included in my morning routine. Probably because it requires low effort on your side, you can play it in the background, and learn something inspiring everyday.

I religiously listened to The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial for 3 months. It’s motivational and will always leave you with some action steps!

2. Read

If you have some time on your hands, pick up a self help book. Some of the given books can really change the way you think and act in life!

Here are 10 books that people in their 20s should read over and over again!

3. Journal

Free your mind first thing in the morning. Write down everything that’s been on your mind, 3 things you’re grateful for, and 3 goals for the day.

You can get a cute journal or try the 5 minute morning journaling.

4. Meditate

Sit down with your thoughts for a minute (or ten). You can try guided meditation using medito app. Or close your eyes and sit in silence. Or simply enjoy your morning coffee contemplating the previous day.

5. Workout

Getting some movement in the morning is always a good idea. Working out releases the feel good hormones (dopamine) in your body, that makes you start the day with much more vigor.

6. Yoga

You can do yoga to connect with yourself, destress and get mental clarity. It’s the perfect morning routine ideas to try.

7. No phone for the first hour

This might not be your favorite morning routine ideas on the list but it sure as hell is the one that’ll make a massive impact. You don’t have to respond to all the watsapp messages, emails and insta notifications the minute you wake up!

How To Stick To A Morning Routine

As I mentioned before, consistency is the key, specially if you want to make a lasting change with your simple morning routine. Here are 5 tips on how to stick to a morning routine.

1. Create a morning routine you *actually* love

When I first created a morning routine, even tho it was a simple 15 minute routine, I used to wake up every day excited to start my morning routine. And on days when I skipped it (newsflash : it will happen sometimes), it was bummer.

That’s how you want to feel about your routines. Switch things up, experiment, make your own rules!

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2. Don’t take on too much

We often have this ‘all or nothing’ attitude, which means you’ll either want to have a 2 hour long morning routine that’ll change your life, or you’ll do nothing at all.

And this plan never succeeds. It’s better to start with no more than 3 new habits at once.

3. Stop negotiating with your brain

“Nobody is a better salesman than your brain trying to convince you to hit snooze in the morning”

And it always succeeds. It’s time to stop negotiating with your brain and take charge of your days instead.

4. Make things simple for yourself

I’ll keep on repeating this until you make a point to follow this in every single routine you create. If you only have 10 minutes in the morning and can only read 5 pages of a book, well, start with that.

Learn this ‘mind- blowing’ concept in depth inside this free workshop on ‘7 keys to simplify your life and make it more fun’.

5. Don’t fall in the guilt cycle

If you want to learn how to stick to a morning routine, you should stop feeling guilty every time you skip it. Sounds contrary right? But indulging in the guilt cycle and making yourself the villian, every time you skip a day is only going to make you hopeless and exhausted.

It’s not worth it!

Tips To Wake Up Early In The Morning

Not every one of us is a morning person, but starting your day in a chaos, trying to get ready to go to work is not the best way to begin your mornings. Here are some tips to wake up early in the morning.

1. Wind down routine

Your morning routine actually starts the night before! Create a night routine that allows you to wind down and relax, so you don’t spend 50 minutes tossing and turning around in your bed.

2. Get your 8 hours

If you don’t have your 8 hours of sleep, you’d only end up feeling tired and exhausted the next morning. Better to go to bed early!

3. Put your phone across the room

Put your phone across the room so that you have to get out of the bed to turn off the alarm in the morning. This way you’ve already crossed the first hard step! If you don’t go back to bed, lol.

4. Let the light in

One of the easy tips to wake up early in the morning is to let the sunlight come inside your room. Waking up and getting ready in the dark usually keeps our brain sluggish.

5. 10 Minutes At A Time

If you want to wake up an hour earlier than usual, you can start with waking up 10 minutes early everyday for 5 days. It won’t seem like a big deal every day but will eventually create a huge difference.

This post is all about how to start a simple morning routine that you’ll actually stick to! Use these tips to create your mornings simple, fun and more intentional.

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