mental health self care checklist

The Best Mental Health Self Care Checklist For Overwhelmed Adults

This post is all about mental health self care checklist.

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mental health self care checklist

Self care might be the last thing you want to hear about when you’re stressed out and overworked. I mean how would applying a face mask solve all my problems?

I get it!

But self care is not just limited to face masks and bubble baths. This mental health self care checklist is full of ideas that’ll actually help you relax your racing mind.

And sometimes taking a step back and relaxing your mind actually helps you come back stronger and make better decisions. Remember, you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.

Now, the key to self care is being absolutely unapologetic about it.

Whatever self care activity you pick, even if it’s just binging Netflix all day (not the best idea, but), it sure as hell would make you feel relaxed if you’re f*cking unapologetic about it, instead of reading your fav book and thinking you should be working instead.

Here are 21 genius ideas to add to your mental health self care checklist.

Mental Health Self Care Checklist

1. gratitude

Write down everything that you’re grateful for. And try to be very specific, so that you can actually feel those feelings of gratitude.

The best part is you can easily make it a daily self care activity. Every morning just write down 3 things you’re grateful for. If you only have 5 minutes, use this guided journal. It hardly takes 5 minutes, but will have a lasting impact on your days.

2. daily accomplishment list

If you’re beating yourself up for not being productive enough, this mental health self care checklist idea is for you.

Every night, make a list of everything that you got done today – even the small ones.

This’ll make you realize that you’re actually getting way more done than what you give yourself credit for! And writing your accomplishments everyday would really boost your confidence.

3. reading books

This is definitely my favorite thing on the mental health self care checklist. Just cuddle on your couch with your current read with your coffee.

Maybe even play a book-inspired Spotify playlist to set the mood.

That sounds like a dream self care day to me!

Here are my current reads, if you want some suggestions 😉

YA Mystery

Comfy Self-Help


4. morning routine

Starting a morning routine is the best way to take care of your mental health on a daily basis. I always say, “Work on yourself before you go out and work for someone else”

Basically, keep an hour in the morning to yourself, doing things that would keep your mental health in check – whether it’s working out, or reading, or just sipping your morning coffee in peace.

Do whatever makes you feel prepared for the day, instead of getting up and indulging in your to-dos right away.

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5. doing a 30 day challenge

This might be an unconventional mental health self care rituals. But I’m here to tell you actionable self care activities that are good for your mind and have worked for me.

And I’ve found starting a challenge always makes me feel better about myself. And improve my confidence.

You can start with this simple 7 day self care challenge, if 30 days sounds like a big commitment.

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6. A mindful activity

Mindful activities are the best way to push your racing thoughts to the side and just enjoy and focus on the task at hand.

Things like puzzling, painting, or bullet journaling – they really help you be more mindful in the present and feel relaxed.

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7. journal – dump it out on paper

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, this mental health self care checklist idea is for you!

Just sit down with your journal, and brain dump everything that’s on your mind. We’re not judging these thought right now. Just write down whatever comes to you.

You’ll immediately feel so much better afterwards.

The thing is, our brain loves to exaggerate things. When you write things down on paper, you realize that most of the things that you’re worrying about aren’t even worth it.

8. the good ole’ meditation

You’ve got to be living under a rock if you haven’t tried meditation at least once. This is another idea on the mental health self care checklist that would actually show results in the long run.

If you’re new, you can just start with 10 minute guided meditations on headspace, or medito (it’s completely free). Try it for at least a month before you decide if this is for you or not.

9. Or Have a creative hour

This is an amazing alternative to meditation. Basically, just turn off all your distractions, sit in silence with a notebook and let the ideas flow.

You’re constantly consuming content all day and that doesn’t give your mind the time and space to just wonder. But when you sit in silence, you create space for new ideas to come to you.

10. weekly check in

I’ve recently started doing weekly check-ins for the past 2 months, and I swear this has been game changing for me.

Every week, check up on yourself and your goals. It just helps you be more aware of everything that’s going on (something most people are bad at) and allows you to be more intentional with your actions.

Here’s a simple 5-min weekly check-in method, inside the 2023 Ultimate Planner, to help you out.

organize my life checklist

11. affirmations

Affirmations can be your pick me up on bad days.

But the thing about affirmations is that repeating them for 100 times, in front of the mirror would NOT work, unless it’s something you actually believe in.

For eg, Telling yourself that ‘I’m having a great day’ when you’re having an off day just won’t work. Instead, try something like ‘I can survive my bad days. And tomorrow’s gonna be better.’

You can also use these daily affirmation cards and have fun picking your mantra everyday.

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12. help someone

The one thing that actually makes people happy, is helping others. That’s just how the human brain works!

Little things like helping someone out, complimenting a friend, saying thank you often, or even smiling at a stranger, will bring some positivity in your life and in someone else’s too.

13. phone fast

I know you’re already dreading it, haha! But doing a phone fast on your self care day will automatically improve your mental health.

And if you’re someone who can’t imagine a day without their phones, maybe do it for 2-3 hours. Especially in the morning! Cuz you probably start your mornings checking every update on Instagram and tiktok.

You’ll be shocked to see how much mental clarity and calmness you feel just by doing an unplug for a few hours.

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14. dance it out

Doesn’t matter if you’re a dancer or not, nobody’s watching. Put on your favorite songs, blast the speakers, and have your own little party.

It almost always lifts the mood!

I love playing POV playlists on YouTube that always transport me to a different zone, haha!

15. cleaning

This is another productive self care activity. And cleaning can be so therapeutic for a lot of people.

Having a clean space really helps you feel organized and calm.

Now, don’t make it into an overwhelming task. Simply put a 15 minute timer, and start getting your house in order. Maybe even light a candle, or diffuse some essential oils to get the cozy vibes.

16. walks

Walks are hands down my favorite thing to do whenever I feel stressed and overwhelm. And they’re obviously good for your physical health too.

Basically, stepping away from your overwhelming to-do list and getting outdoors really helps you clear your mind. so by the time you come back, you’re able to approach the problems with a different viewpoint.

Hot Girl Walk Essentials

They’re literally so comfy!

17. hobby hour

Keep an hour in your day reserved for your hobbies. Whether you love singing, or baking, or playing sports.

I think it’s good to be working at a hobby at all times, because it keeps your childlike creative mindset alive and for once, you’re doing something solely cuz it brings you joy and not cuz it’s on your to-do list.

18. phone a friend

There’s nothing a girlfriends facetime can’t fix, right?

So, if you’re having a really bad day and are in the need for a little pick me up, call your friends.

And I’m sure you’ll end up feeling relaxed, loved, and a little less lonely.

19. have a good laughter

Answer honestly, when was the last time you laughed till your stomach hurt?

It’s funny how rare those moments are in your day to day life. Try to seek them more. Maybe watch a funny video.

I know for me, I’m always rolling-on-the-floor-laughing when I’m with my childhood besties. So maybe, find time to hangout with them!

20. Create a fun vision board

Creating a vision board is such a fun and creative mental health self care checklist idea.

But what’s even better is the impact that vision boards have. The thing is, humans are visual creatures.

And so when you see your goals every single day, it literally gets you in the mood to do better.

21. guilt free rest!

If there’s one thing you’re going to take from this mental health self care checklist, let this be it. Because no amount of self care activities will help you, if you keep on feeling guilty about it.

Having rest days only works if you truly let yourself embrace the rest days.

The thought ‘I’m wasting my time if I’m resting’, only makes you feel guilty and weirdly enough, doesn’t even motivate you to start working. So, what’s the point?

Whatever you do on your self care day, be fcking unapologetic about it.

This post is all about mental health self care checklist.

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