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15 Healthy Habits To Start To Make This Year Your Best Year

This is a list of 15 healthy habits to start this new year even if you don’t make any new year’s resolutions.

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Looking for healthy habits to start this year? That will allow you to thrive in all aspects of life, get things done without getting exhausted, and gain confidence in your ability to achieve results.

Here’s why your daily habits affect your life significantly.

40% of our brain works on autopilot, i.e. we take actions based on our habits. As in, you start brushing your teeth in the morning while still half asleep. Or how, even when you have a 5-second break, you’re constantly checking your phone.

That is why it’s so important to create healthy habits in order to take better actions without wasting energy on decision making.

Healthy habits >> Massive Actions >> Transformational Results

At the beginning of 2021, I took Rob Dial’s 30 day challenge. The rules were to complete 5 habits every day for 30 days straight. And by the 30th day, I realized how small CONSISTENT habits can massively transform your life (specially your mindset).

So here I am, with a list of 15 healthy habits to start in 2023!

I know from experience that it’s not always easy to create new habits. And you fail more times than you succeed. But if you’re able to incorporate even 4 healthy habits by the end of this year, you’ll be in a completely different place than you are now.

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15 Healthy Habits To Start

1. Keep Your Mornings For Yourself

If you only take one thing from this list, take this!

Make time for yourself in the morning; even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing in the morning. Create a routine. And freaking stick to it.

Once you find a morning routine you love, there’s no going back! No Kidding.

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8 Ideas For A Productive Morning Routine

I understand that not all days are the same. There will be weeks when you are extremely busy with work and weeks when you take it easy.

I’ve had days when all I did in my morning routine was yoga and listen to a podcast, and days when I went all in (exercise, read, meditate, and journal).

But overall, I’ve found that days when I took charge of my morning were productive and happier than the days when I didn’t.

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2. Journal

If you’re an overthinker, journaling can help you. Journaling allows you to process your thoughts and understand yourself.

These days, you are constantly consuming information from all directions. And you don’t give ourselves enough time to process it. That’s why it’s so important to journal your thoughts, especially when you are stressed or overwhelmed.

If you’re new to it, you can use journal prompts to get started. Here are 25 End Of Year journal prompts.

3. Read

We are all trying to figure out life, right? So, why not seek advice from the experts?

There are numerous books written by coaches and professionals that can help you solve your problems in a much easier way.

Self development books can help you get out of the victim mentality. And give you an action plan to make things better. If you’re not much of a reader, you can always listen to audiobooks using blinkist or audible.

Use this link to start your 7-day free trial for blinkist audiobooks.

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4. Exercise

Do I really need to sell it?

We all know, now more than ever, how important it is to move our bodies and stay healthy.

You can join a gym, do home workouts using blogilates app, or yoga. Aside from the physical benefits, sticking to an exercise routine also requires you to cultivate discipline in your life.

5. Healthy Diet

This goes hand in hand with your fitness routine. The key here is to find a diet that you enjoy or have healthier alternatives to your favorite dishes. Otherwise, you’ll end up abandoning your diet.

Also, try meal prepping and planning your meals ahead of time so that you’re more mindful.

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6. Keep Your Phone Aside

Try to avoid using your phone for at least one hour in the morning and at night.

The majority of us have a habit of picking up our phones as soon as we wake up. This way, you begin your day in a reactive, rather than proactive, mode.

Instead of devoting time to yourself (remember point #1), you start your day worrying about email and message replies. All of this can easily wait another hour.

7. Practice Gratitude

“You attract what you focus on.”

That’s why it’s important to focus on things that you’re grateful for. It helps you approach everything with a positive mindset.

Even if you’re not a firm believer in Law of Attraction, you can stand behind the fact, that we spend more time complaining than we do counting our blessings.

The simplest way to practice gratitude is by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday.

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8. Write Down Your Goals

Writing your goals down makes them real, and allows you to actually start working towards them. Create some new year goals, here’s a goal setting guide for you.

Having specific goals makes it easier to take appropriate action. Otherwise, you’ll spend the entire year working your tail off, only to realize you were chasing goals you didn’t really care about.

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Bullet Journal New Year Spreads

9. Take Breaks Often

Your day can’t be all work. Find time in your day to slow down and relax. It could be in something as simple as going on a walk, making time for your hobby or creating a night routine.

10. Meditate

Meditation allows you to calm your mind, improve your focus and concentration, and connect with your inner self. And you don’t have to be a yogi sitting on a mountain to get started.

It takes a lot of practice, but there are now a number of apps that can assist you with guided meditation programs, such as medito.

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11. Visualize

Visualization is simply closing your eyes and imagining living the life you want to live. You can practice visualization in the morning to help you focus on your goals at the start of the day.

12. Plan Your Days – Prioritize

Plan your day in the morning or the night before, or at the very least make a to-do list.

Some people prefer to have a daily routine, whereas others prefer to go with the flow. Whatever your personality is, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in a day. It allows you to manage your time and take productive actions.

13. Avoiding Social Media

We all know the problems that come with social media, but we all find it hard to resist. While you can’t delete all of your social media apps right now, you can always take small steps to reduce your usage.

Some people enjoy having a social media detox day once a month, others use apps like freedom to block all social media notifications while working.

The simple act of logging out of my Instagram account allowed me to be more mindful about why I was using it.

14. Take Action

One thing that I learned this year, from one of rob dial’s podcast is,

“Action creates more action, inaction creates more inaction.”

Anytime you find yourself procrastinating and feeling lazy, do 5 pushups. The idea behind this is, that taking action is the only way to break the cycle of inaction. Because no amount of thinking will get you the desired results; only action will.

15. Own Your Life

You are responsible for your own life and what you do with it. Stop having a victim mentality.

Life happens. And you have no control over that. However, you have control over how you react to it. Start taking responsibility for your actions and the results that follows.

What’s on Your List OF Healthy Habits To Start?

Remember the key here is CONSISTENCY. Pick up 1-2 habits at once and really focus on them. Let me know in the comments below which habits you are focusing on first.

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