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How to Create Your Perfect Morning Routine

Do you ever feel like mornings are the most stressful part of your day? If you do, you’re not alone. I think most of us would have experienced the morning meltdowns and want to know how to get your mornings right. Well, having a morning routine can definitely help you cope up with this. Morning Routine is basically the time you give yourself — for personal growth. The importance of a morning routine is — for you to have some you time. You are the most important person in your life. The better you become, the better you can serve everyone around you — your friends, your family, your coworkers.

The first sixty minutes of your day can either set you up for maximum productivity & bring you closer to your goals or cause you to loose another day to distractions & mental fog.

And I get it, nobody likes to wake up in the morning. But you can train your mind to love waking up early, simply by including things in your morning routine that make you excited to jump out of bed. Don’t follow your usual routine of waking up 15 mins before you have to leave. You need to have some time for yourself first, that’ll make you feel more organized and help you reach the day in proactive mode. Because once you get out of the house and go to office, you get busy. And by the time you return home you are exhausted, you don’t really have any energy left for some routine. Before you start working for someone else, work for yourself. Wake up and follow a routine so that by the time you leave the house you’ve already had a productive day.

Steps to Build Your Perfect Morning Routine

Remember, that your morning routine is meant for you. It’s supposed to make you feel ready for the day, not to get you exhausted. So, include the things that make you feel excited and find a routine that works best for you. And remember, you don’t have to rush through it. 

Your perfect morning routine is the one that works best for you.

1. Plan Ahead

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Whatever you want to include in your morning routine, prepare for it the night before. Try to make things as easy for you as possible. If you want to go gym the next morning, keep your gym clothes out. If you want to journal, keep that on your side table. Include things that’ll help you start your day on a more positive note, instead of rushing it.

2. Keep Your Phone at the Other Side of the Room

Or even better, keep it in another room. Get an alarm clock, if you have to. Because once you look at your phone and get caught up in all the notifications and messages and mails, your brain automatically starts working on them. You won’t be able to concentrate on your morning routine properly. I know it’s a tough one but stay away from your phone for as long as possible, after you wake up.

3. How Much Time Can You Invest in a Morning Routine? 

Think about how much time you can give to your morning routine. Start by waking up earlier than your usual time to make space for your routine. Even if you have 20 minutes, its okay. Once you know, then you can plan accordingly.

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Habits You Can Include In Your Morning Routine

There are no definite rules of things that you should include in your morning routine. This is for your personal growth. Include the things that will serve you the best. Here are a few habits you can try out in your routine:

1. Drink Water 

Our body looses over 1 pound of water overnight just through respiration. We’re dehydrated in the morning. So, drink 1-2 glasses of water first thing in the morning. Drinking lemon water is even better.

2. Include Exercise In Your Morning Routine

This is an important one. You can go the gym if you want or try home workouts. You can do aerobics or yoga or just dance. Any sort of movement for your body is good. This energizes your body. You can also just go out for a walk.

3. Plan Your Day In The Morning

This helps in starting the day with a relaxed mindset. Set your intention for the day. What is it that you want to accomplish today? What will this day be about? Planning increases your productivity as it helps you to focus on important tasks first. You can also plan your day the night before. Figure out your 3 top priority tasks for the day and focus on completing them first.

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4. Have Some Time with Yourself

We have this habit of waking up and going directly to the social media. Instead, give yourself some time to just sit in silence, keeping your eyes closed or open. You can also meditate if you want to. Meditation, too, is the practice of sitting in silence, observing your thoughts and just letting them go. This tip is also included in a book called ‘The Miracle Morning‘. Most people say that their best ideas come when they are in the shower or on toilet or maybe while they’re driving the car. And the reason is because it’s in this time that they sit quietly with only their thoughts. When you are in the shower you don’t have your phone to distract you, people talking to you, no music going on, you’re just there with your thoughts. This is the time when you have your deepest thoughts. And your focus is only on the task at hand. 

5. Reading

If you find enough time, you can include reading in your morning routine. Read 10 pages daily. This will help you in gaining some knowledge and inspiration in the morning. If reading seems like a task in the morning, you can also listen to podcasts. You can play it in the background while you get ready or have breakfast and have an alternate dose of motivation.

6. Journaling

You can journal on some self discovery prompts or just something you read earlier. You can also try the 5 minute journaling. Make a list of things that you are grateful for. It could be the small things like the weather, the food, sleep that you had last night or something that you’re excited to do today. Practicing gratitude in the morning will create more positive vibes and can really transform your approach towards the rest of the day.

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7. Go outside

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The blue in the sky signals your body to stop releasing melatonin, hormone primarily released at night, that makes you fall asleep. It’s the same blue that’s in your mobile phones that keeps you awake at night. You can go outside to exercise or to walk your dog. You can sit outside in nature finding some me time or while journaling. Also, try to avoid caffeine in the first hour after you wake up. As the energy spike from caffeine drop as rapidly as the rise, within 30 mins.

What does your Morning look like?

These are few tips that you can include in your routine. Figure out what works for you best, include other things that will make you excited to get out of the bed, even if its just 1-2 things. Make it as easy as possible for you to wake up and start following the routine. And once you are into your morning routine, you can start expanding it. The key is just to have a routine.

Leave a comment below and let me know about your morning routine struggles or wins that you have!

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