Bullet Journal Page Ideas For Beginners For A Better 2022

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New Year is right around the corner. You’re excited to turn the leaf and restart with the whole ‘new year, new me’ attitude. And, to help you live a better life this year, here are some bullet journal page ideas.

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a few “must have” bujo pages for a memorable year. You’ll begin by making a new year’s resolutions page.

Then you’ll create a bucket list of things to do and places to visit this year. These are not just your wish lists, they are going to be your roadmap for the entire year.

travel bullet journal, BULLET JOURNAL PAGE IDEAS

Note – This is the 6th post in a 10-post series on ‘How to Start A Bullet Journal For Beginners (With No Art Skills)‘. If you’re new to bullet journaling and are unsure how to get started, this series will be extremely helpful.

I’ll help you set up your bullet journal from scratch in just 15 minutes per day! Here, are all your resources.

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Why You Need These Bullet Journal Page Ideas?

Bullet journals are the best way to set new goals. Here are a few reasons why,

  • Writing down helps you get clear on your goals.
  • Provides motivation
  • Helps you visualize your dreams
  • Helps You Focus More
  • You’re able to track them better
  • Forces you to take action on your goals
bullet journal page ideas, bucket list

Well, now that you know the benefits, here are some bullet journal page ideas for a better year.

Also, if you’re new to bullet journaling, check out this Bullet Journal Template Pack. To make this process a whole lot easier for you, I’ve created a pack of 35+ bullet journal templates. Download them here for FREE!

1. New Year’s Resolution Page

Include this page in your bullet journal as a reminder and to hold you accountable. Because, let’s face it, most of your new year’s resolutions won’t even last until February. And that is not what we want this year! If you’re looking for some new year’s resolution ideas, here’s a list of 50+ suggestions.

New year's resolution, new year goals

While setting your new year’s resolution, keep these things in mind.

  • Make sure they’re realistic and practical.
  • Divide them into actionable steps.
  • Focus on the first few steps instead of stressing about the 100th step right away.
  • Track your goals regularly.
  • Build habits around them.

How To Create A New Year’s Resolution Page?

  1. Make a list of your new year’s resolutions. Here are some suggestions for you!
  2. Keep in mind the points mentioned above.
  3. Divide Your Goals into categories. This helps you prioritize better. Here are a few categories you can put them in.
    1. Health – eg: I will loose 10 pounds this year.
    2. Family – eg: I will have Friday night dinners with my family every week.
    3. Work – eg: I will improve my skills in *this* field.
    4. Studies – eg: I intent to score an ‘A’ this year.
    5. Personal – eg: I will read 12 books this year.
      Ps – See how specific each goal is. This increases your chances of actually following up on them.
  4. Take a marker and your bullet journal, and write down your heading at the top.
  5. Choose a template for this page. I prefer to simply divide the page into 4 categories. To keep things simple, you can also use a list template.
    Here’s a printable journal template that you can customize according to your needs. And it’s available at 50% on Black Friday!
  6. Write down your resolutions for each category.
  7. Doodle around. Add some quotes that you like. You can also use these stickers.
  8. Keep track of your resolutions. Here are a few ways you can keep track.
    1. Divide them into quarterly or monthly goals.
    2. If your resolution is something you do daily, use a habit tracker.
    3. Every Sunday, do a weekly checkup to track your progress.
    4. List down your achievements, or the goals you’ve accomplished to keep yourself motivated.
new year's resolution, BULLET JOURNAL PAGE IDEAS

2. Ideas For Travel Bullet Journal Pages

Travel is something that you can never have enough of. So, why not create a system that will allow you be more intentional with your travel.

There are numerous bullet journal page ideas to use for your travel plans. Here are some options,

travel bucket list, places to go

1) Bucket List

I’m sure you have a lot of places you want to visit! Make a list of all your dream destinations and start crossing them off one by one.

2) Travel Planning

Pick up your bucket list and start planning. At least, determine how much money you need to save and start saving a small amount each month. Track this in your bullet journal.

This way, you’re already one step closer to taking that trip.

3) Staycation

You don’t have to travel outstation to enjoy some me-time. View your city through the eyes of a tourist. Make a list of all the places you want to visit. For example, cafes, historical sites, Airbnbs, and hotels where you want to stay.

4) Travel Journal

Create a spread in your journal for each trip you take. You can do a simple diary entry. Add collectibles from that trip, such as stamps, subway tickets, and so on. You can also make a collage of everything you want to remember from that trip.

3. Things To Do Bucket List

Aside from travel, I’m sure you have a wish list of things you’d like to do. Dream big. You might want to do things like

  • learn horse riding,
  • doing an ironman,
  • launch a business,
  • surprising your mom with her dream car,
  • Meet your idol,
  • Skydive,
  • this list can go on and on . . .
summer bucket list, BULLET JOURNAL PAGE IDEAS

Write everything down because you never know when inspiration will strike and one of your dreams will come true. You can continue to add to this list as you go.

You can find all these templates in the Free Bullet Journal Printable pack.

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Day 7 On ‘How To Bullet Journal For Beginners’

Include the pages that’ll inspire you to do better this year. It’s important to keep reminding yourself of your dreams. Tomorrow, we’ll create a monthly log. Before the monthly log page, leave 3-4 blank pages in your journal. We’ll come back to these pages on Day 10.

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