How To Stay Motivated – Using Bullet Journal Spreads

Bullet Journals, when used correctly, can help you achieve your goals. They hold you accountable and motivate you to work toward them. In this post, you’ll learn how to use a bullet journal to stay motivated.

Setting new life goals is exciting at first. However, as time passes, your motivation wanes and you begin to veer off course. Does this sound familiar?

No worries!

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Today, I’ll help you set up bullet journal spreads that will keep you motivated and grateful throughout the year!

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In the last post, you created a yearly goals page in your journal. Now, it’s time for you to create pages that will keep you motivated to accomplish those goals, even when you get off track.

Motivational Bujo Spread Ideas

Here are a few ideas for you. As a beginner, you can make these bullet journal spreads as simple or as artistic as you want. To get the most out of them, adjust them according to your goals.

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1. ‘Mantra For The Year’ To Stay Motivated

Ask yourself, “What do you want this year to look like?”, “What’s your number 1 focus this year?”

Choose a word or phrase that reminds you of your goals and gets you all worked up. Consider the bigger picture while choosing your mantra.

For example, your mantra could be ‘Boss Energy’ if you’re focusing on your business this year. Or something like ‘love’, ‘family’, ‘quality time’, if you want to focus on your relationships.

Choose a word that’ll help you remember your main goal every time you start feeling lost. A lot of time, you get distracted and start focusing on things that don’t really matter. Let your mantra guide you.

bullet journal quotes, mantra

How to Design A Mantra Page?

  1. Choose a word or sentence that aligns with your dream life. Don’t just copy this from the internet. Use a word that evokes all of your emotions.
  2. Pick your bullet journal. Make the heading ‘My Mantra For 2022.’
  3. Write down your mantra. It’s very important that you only choose one word or one sentence, no matter how many goals you have. Having too many of them totally defeats it’s purpose.
  4. Put your own spin on it. Use sketch pens, stickers or washi tapes. You can also add a picture that compliments your mantra.

2. Quotes Page Bullet Journal Spread

Making a quotes page is the simplest way to inject some motivation into your journal. There is usually more than one in most journals.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy scribbling favorite song lyrics in the back of a notebook? Pick a quote that you love and write it down in your bujo.

Here are a few ways to do this,

1) Minimalistic Bullet Journal Spread

You don’t need to go fancy, keeping it simple also does it’s magic. Use a marker or this pen to doodle your quote. Or draw some symbol related to your quote to include some minimal art.

2) Artistic Bullet Journal Spread

Go all out in terms of creativity. Use stickers, washi tapes, doodles and sketch pens.

3) List Of Quotes

Why limit yourself to just one? Put all of your favorite quotes on one page. Better yet, create a quote collage to serve as your inspiration page.

4) Vision Board

Make a notebook vision board by incorporating inspirational images alongside your quotes. Pictures help you visualize your goals and motivate you even more.

Here are a few ideas for you,


3. Stay Motivated Using A Memories Page

Quotes are a great source of motivation. But the best way to do so is to consider your past accomplishments and rewards.

Create a memories page where you can list your favorite memory from each month (you can do this more frequently if you want).

This way, if you ever feel demotivated, just flip through your bujo and look at your wall of memories page to remind yourself what you’re capable of and how grateful you are to have this.

How to Create A Memories Page?

  1. This spread will require two pages. It’s better if they’re facing each other.
  2. Divide each page into 6 parts. One for each month.
  3. You can create your own doodles for each partition. Here, I’ve created a little polaroid frame for each month’s memory.
  4. Write each month’s name.
  5. Mention your favorite memory (whether it’s a random thing or something you’re proud of) from the past month.
  6. Continue to add memories to this as each month passes.
  7. If you’re more of a visual person, instead of writing it down, you can paste pictures related to your favorite memory.

You’ll have something to look back on and be thankful for at the end of the year!

Day 6 On ‘How To Start A Bullet Journal For Beginners’

These were some of my favorite bullet journal spreads to stay motivated. If you’re a beginner, this may be too much for you. Don’t worry! You don’t have to add all of them. Only include the ones you like.

There are new ideas coming up tomorrow! Tomorrow, we’ll make some new year resolutions using bullet journal and create a bucket list of things you wish to do. Hope you’re excited!

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