How To Level Up As A Woman With Killer Confidence (16 Easy Tips)

This post is all about how to level up as a woman and become your best bada*s self!

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Let me ask you a question, what comes to your mind when you think about leveling up? Because it means different to different people.

But, regardless of how you put it, levelling up is more about mindset than anything else! And if you do the right things, you can make your transformation process go much more smoothly.

I know you’ve tried a million times. Followed everyone’s advice on the internet about “prioritizing yourself”, but haven’t found anything that works for you. YET.

I know that, because I was at the same stage – trying to become the next level version of myself – not so long ago.

The problem is, that everyone’s preaching the same thing, but nobody tells you how to actually follow it.

So, here are 16 practical tips on how to level up as a woman that are guaranteed to give you the killer confidence you need!

16 tips On How To Level Up As A Woman

1. follow through On your commitments

This tip on how to level up as a woman is such a game changer! Most people have a habit of setting goals and then never following through.

Remember the time when you said, ‘I’d start going to the gym on Monday’, and that day never came 😛

Tell me, would you ever rely on someone who says they’ll meet you at 9, but never shows up on time?

Similarly, when you say you’re gonna do something but never follow through, you tell your brain that you’re unreliable. This negative self image impacts your confidence.

So now, the next time you set a new goal, your brain would immediately think ‘Oh yeah, she’s never gonna follow through’, instead of generating ideas to achieve it.

The easiest way to do this is by using habit trackers. It gives your brain visual proof that you’re actually following through on your commitments.

2. put some effort in your look

I hate the idea of dressing up to impress others, so much so that I’d turn up to parties in my pajamas just to prove the point.

But I recently read something in the book ‘The Inheritance Games’ on the lines of, ‘Dressing up gives you a chance to tell a story. And if you don’t tell your story yourself, someone else will tell it for you.Why give them a chance?

Besides, when YOU feel that you look good, you walk a little taller and feel confident about yourself. It’s more of a mental thing.

3. Write your accomplishments everyday

Confidence comes from your mindset.

You spend so much time thinking about all the things you didn’t get done. But more often than not, you’re getting more done than what you give yourself credit for.

So, everyday before going to bed, write down everything you accomplished today.

Also, start rewarding yourself every time you hit a goal, whether it’s short-term or long-term.

I feel that this just helps you pause and really celebrate your accomplishments, instead of jumping to the next goal straightaway.

4. put yourself first

I’m going to give it to you straight, you need to start taking care of yourself first. As a woman, loving others and taking care of them comes naturally to you.

But what you don’t understand is you just CAN’T fill from an empty cup.

You can’t give your 100% to someone else if you’re not being a 100% yourself. And when you keep on taking care of the other person instead of looking after yourself (even tho, you know you need it), you only end up resenting the other person.

It might sound selfish but honestly, it’s good for everyone around you (including you) to start focusing on yourself first.

5. have an hour in the morning to yourself

I didn’t want this list to be all advice and no action. This is the easiest way to execute tip #3 on how to level up as a woman.

Have an hour in the morning to yourself. It’s so hard to find time once your actual “day” begins and you start putting out fires.

Use your ‘morning time’ to work on yourself. Whether you spend time journaling, reading and learning, or just sipping your coffee in peace, you’re always going to feel better afterwards.

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6. Change your story

This should have been the first point on how to level up as a woman.

Take a journal and write your life story as it is, the good, the bad, things you’re proud of, and things you regret. You can use this guided journal to make it more fun!

Now change it.

Starting with accepting what is – you’ve done some shit in the past, now it’s time to forgive your past self (she did her best to help you out!)

Now, write down a different story, with an acceptance of whatever happened in the past and realizing that it’s not the ending, write down what do you want the next phase to be?

7. Be more intentional With your actions

Be more intentional about everything that you say, wear, eat, or do. Don’t live life on autopilot.

I know I promised not to be vague, so try this – Before doing something, ask yourself ‘why are you doing it and what do you want out of it?’

Setting intentions just help you be more thoughtful about your everyday activities.

For eg, intentionally making time to go on walks with your partner so that you get some quality time while also building a healthy habit.

Another thing that you can do is to set intentions for the day. We often go into the day trying to finish our to-do lists. So, spend 2 minutes in the morning asking yourself, ‘what do you want today to look like?’.

You need to always keep this in mind to learn how to level up as a woman.

And then create a to-do list that’ll help you achieve that. You can use this daily planning sheet from the 2023 Planner, to make it a habit.

8. And while you’re at it, set some goals

You need some direction in your life, that’s what goals help you do.

And now that you’re ready to level up as your version 2.0, you need to set bigger goals.

Here’s what to do: Imagine what your next level self looks like, 1 year from now. Close you eyes and get really granular.

What is she wearing? Where’s she living? How’s she talking? What is she talking about? What are her habits? Her hobbies? How does she treat people around her? How do the people around her see her?

This is the life you want to create. Now sit down and derive your ACTION goals from that.

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9. gratitude attitude

Making gratitude lists is my favorite thing to do! Mainly because they have such a drastic impact on your mindset and hardly take 5 minutes of your time.

Basically, write down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday.

And be very specific about it. Writing I’m grateful for the weather and my family just won’t cut it.

Trust me, after a few weeks, you’ll start catching yourself in the middle of the day, feeling grateful for random things.

It also helps you become someone who sees the silver lining in the dark cloud – this is what differentiates a successful woman from everyone else.

10. Take care of your physical health

We take our bodies for granted – ALL the time!

Everything is super important. Until you are sick. Then you realize there was only ever one thing that was important.”

– Aubrey Marcus

Start taking good care of your health. We all know how to do that. And do it from a place of love, not from a place of ‘I hate how my body looks!’.

Also, wasn’t the next level version of you that you just outlined in your goals, in her best shape?

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11. Improve your self talk

The only person you spend the most of your time, is you yourself. And yet, the only person you are the most rude to is you yourself.

Here’s what to do – for the next 2 days, notice all the things you say to yourself, even write them down.

Now, imagine saying the same things to your younger sister or daughter.

You’d never do that, right? Then how can you say all those things to yourself?

Now try to replace that self talk with something better. For eg, Replacing ‘I am too lazy to get this done’ to ‘I might need to look at my priorities and I know I can get this done if I want to.’

And how can you expect others to treat you well when you don’t do that yourself. You teach people how to treat you.

12. Read “you are a badass” By Jen Sincero

If you’re just starting your personal growth journey, you need to read this book.

One of the main concept of this book is self love (and not in a cliché way, in a kick-a*s Jen Sincero way! 😉

I always say, once you read a good self help book there’s no going back. This is one of those books for me! And it’s such an actionable book, it’ll take you on a self love journey yourself?

Also while you’re at it, start reading more personal growth books. They help you learn more about yourself and just the way life works, and how to build a better one.

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13. do more things that challenge you

You need to step out of your comfort zone, and do things that are uncomfortable if you want to grow.

Now, I’m not asking you to book a one way ticket to asia to do that.

But start small. There are so many things in your day-to-day life that you shy away from because they sound challenging. Start saying yes to them.

One thing that I love doing to challenge myself a little – taking cold showers.

Every time you try to take a cold shower or do something uncomfortable, a small voice will pop up in your head trying to convince you to back out.

This is the voice that keeps you stuck. And taking cold showers or doing challenging things is the best way to silence that voice in your head, a little each day.

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14. Improve your daily routine

The secret to your success lies in your daily routine. The drastic changes in your life occur from the smallest things that you do consistently – your everyday habits.

Don’t wait for a big awakening to finally start improving your life, start today by changing something you do daily to know how to level up as a woman.

Build healthy habits, do things that you truly enjoy, instead of just being caught up in work! I know, easier said than done, so here are 10 genius habits to add to your perfect daily routine!

15. Take a hard look at these 6 major areas

Let’s divide your life in 6 areas – Career, Relationships, Intellectual, Physical, Finances, Spiritual. Take a hard look at your current situation in all these areas. And how’d you like to improve in each of them as you step into your next level self.

For eg, for the intellectual category – how much do you focus on learning in your everyday life? How many books have you read last year? How many would you live to read in the upcoming year?

Or in terms of health – Do you believe you’re in the best shape possible? How’s your sleep schedule? How can you improve? And from there note down the action steps you need to take.

But please, approach change from a place of love and acceptance and not from a place of hatred towards your current situation.

15. Surround yourself with people who inspire you


It’s often said that you are a combination of the 5 people you spend most amount of time with.

I don’t know about you but I have noticed that with me! If I’m hanging around pessimistic people, I find myself complaining about everything in life.

Whereas when I’m surrounded by people who’re motivated and doing good things in their life, I automatically feel inspired to do better in mine!

And ofc you can find people on the internet. Consume better content. Follow people who genuinely inspire you to be a better human. You can check out Jess Conte on youtube, she’s my favorite person on the internet rn.

16. Cherish the thought that “you’re making progress one step at a time”

Setting big goals and trying to achieve them all at once can be overwhelming. You think that if you don’t go from point A to Z straightaway, you’re doing something wrong.

But that’s not true.

One thought that really helps me when I feel overwhelmed and discouraged, is that ‘I’m taking it one at a time. And I’m trying to do the task at hand in the best way possible.’

And it always works! Because it helps you work from a place of calm instead of overwhelm. And I know firsthand, you end up getting more done than you expected.

This post is all about how to level up as a woman and become your best bada*s self!

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