Best Desk Layout For Productivity

The Best Desk Layout For Productivity (Minimal + Clean)

This post is all about best desk layout for productivity that’ll actually make you want to work in your office!

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Best Desk Layout For Productivity

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your workspace, or finally want to have a productivity corner in your home, I’ve got just the right thing for you!

You spend the majority of your time at your desk, so it’s only fair that it’s comfortable and cozy enough to make you want to work there! And having a desk full of disorganized documents and tangled cables is the last thing you need.

I’ve noticed that when my desk is clean and organized, I automatically feel on top of my game. And ofc, I don’t have to spend 5 hrs searching for important stuff.

So, here are 25 genius ideas that’ll not only keep your desk organized, but will also make you want to work there.

Best Desk Layout For Productivity

1. cable organizers to finally get rid of tangled cables

If there’s anything that makes your desk look cluttered, it’s cables. From Lan cables, to charging cables, to your earphones.

It’s a mess! Specially when they all get tangled.

I let them all hang from my desk because I don’t want them to take up desk space. But that’s obviously harmful to the cables.

That’s why using these cable organizers will save your life.

2. plants that’ll make your space lively

Putting a plant in your office will automatically improve the aesthetics. It makes the room more lively.

You can obviously opt for fake plants if that’s more convenient for you. But having a real plant will definitely make the room feel fresh and beautiful.

If you don’t have space for a large plant, you can just go for a small desk plant instead.

3. Super Trendy wire grids

Wire grid walls have been quite trendy for a while now. It’s such an easy way to decorate your room.

You can use these grids to create a vision board – it’s the best place because you’ll always be looking at it and stay motivated.

Or stick important notes to it, so that you don’t forget about them.

4. Erasable to-do list

If you’re a to-do list person, here’s a smart and modern idea to add to your best desk layout for productivity.

This erasable to-do list occupies less space, you can easily add important weekly reminders, and makes your desk automatically look 10x more put together.

5. small notebook

If you’ve been around here, you know this is my #1 productivity hack for distracted mind.

Basically, if every time you sit down to work, your mind reminds you of 10 other things you need to do, like call a friend, check your mail, or pay the bill. Do this!

Instead of getting up to do the other thing, just write it down in a notebook. This way you don’t have to break your flow and leave the task at hand, AND you don’t have to worry about forgetting it – you can easily deal with it later.

6. mouse and keyboard pad

I can tell you first hand that using your mouse when your hand keeps sliding across the wooden desk edges can be very inconvenient.

These keyboard and mouse pad are meant to save you from the joint pain and soreness that comes with working for long hours. So, you can be productive without harming your health.

7. An actual timer that’s also a productivity monitor

Another important productivity hack to keep you from using your phone every 15 minutes is to keep an actual timer on your desk.

This is a must have for the best desk layout for productivity.

In the Qingping timer, you can set your work time (say, 35 mins) and break time (say, 15 minutes) and it’ll notify you once the time is up. You can also use it to set alarms and use as a general clock.

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8. standing desk

standing desk, Best Desk Layout For Productivity

Standing desks have become so popular lately because sitting has literally become a disease at this point.

I mean, how many times have you complained about backaches at the end of the day.

Standing desks help you stay productive, while adding some movement to your day. I know it’s no alternative to working out, but it’s better than doing nothing on your busy days.

9. Cute ergonomic chair

It’s so hard to find a cute ergonomic chair, but this one is definitely a steal!

Apart from the fact that it’s meant to help you improve your posture and avoid body pains due to working for long hours, it has some other impressive features as well.

The best one? You can lift the arms of the chair and it easily slides under the desk ALL the way!

10. attachable drawers

If your desk doesn’t come with drawers, use these attachable ones to have your best desk layout for productivity.

Because there are so many things that you need while working everyday, but don’t want them to be lying around on your desk.

11. Drawer organizers

drawer organizer, Best Desk Layout For Productivity

Because obviously, we’re not trying to increase our clutter. This set comes with 22 organizers that fit perfectly, so that everything – from pencils to paper clips – have a home.

12. Bluetooth mouse & keyboard

bluetooth mouse, Best Desk Layout For Productivity

I seriously don’t know how I’d function without a Bluetooth mouse, it’s an essential!

This might be too niche haha, but using a laptop touchpad is just not comfortable and 3 of your finger are always hovering in the air.

I have the classic black set, but if you want something more aesthetic, go for this one.

13. earphone holder

I know, you can’t survive a workday without your earphones. And hanging them around in your neck is just not convenient. I always start having neck pains ugh.

That’s why using this attachable earphone holder is a genius hack for best desk layout for productivity.

Pro Tip – Playing some focus music in your earphones while you work can really help you stay productive.

14. desktop whiteboard

Isn’t this smart?

There are numerous things you need to make a note of or set reminders for while working. However, we often forget about them until we receive a last-minute reminder.

Writing them on the whiteboard, on the other hand, ensures that you are not only aware of them, but are also ACTUALLY prepared for those meetings.

15. laptop stand

Having a laptop stand to keep your laptop at your eye level is obviously recommended.

I’ve tried multiple laptop stands, and I can assure that this is the best one on amazon. It’s sturdy and doesn’t move so you don’t have to worry about your laptop falling off!

16. all in one charger

Cuz you obviously don’t want another set of charging cables on your desk. Or worry about your earphones or mobiles switching off.

Just plug this one in one of the ports and you can charge all 3 of your devices at once. And later use it as a stand to keep things organized.

17. Desk coffee warmer

Have you ever had to reheat your coffee 3 times before having it, because you forgot to drink it in-between zoom calls?

Because same!

Which is why, this coffee warmer is a must on your best desk layout for productivity list. It keeps your coffee warm and is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the spills.

18. layered shelves

There are a lot of random productivity essentials – like your planner or your specs – that you want to keep close but don’t want them scattered all over your desk.

And these layered shelves are the best thing to keep them organized while making sure it doesn’t occupy your entire desk. Use them to keep your workday essentials organized.

19. Office wifi extender

So your voice doesn’t break on zoom calls anymore!

Isn’t it the most annoying thing, when you finally want to raise a point in the meeting, or have a deadline, but your internet refuses to cooperate?

This wifi extender will save you A.S.S. in those moments. You can connect up to 40 devices on this one.

20. time marked water bottle

You don’t always need the latest technology to keep you productive; sometimes drinking enough water to stay energised is just as important.

But the biggest problem is that you end up procrastinating on drinking water because you don’t want to get up in the middle of work to get a glass of water.

Keeping a time marked water bottle on your desk will solve this problem.

21. candles or essential oil diffuser to help you get in the zen

Okay, this is not an essential essential. But keeping a candle or oil diffuser in your workspace is definitely a good idea for the best desk layout for productivity.

The sage aromatherapy candle helps you reduce stress. Using these will obviously elevate the vibe of the room and help you maintain your zen!

22. heated back massager

What is adulthood, if not complaining about your back problems all the time?

But seriously, I know a lot of people who swear by this heated back massager. If you also have back problems, using this heated back massager will help you get sh*t done while getting a massage.

23. amazon echo to put on some focus music

Play focus music on your amazing echo every time you feel overwhelmed with work. It will help you calm down, remove the noise and just focus on the task at hand.

I also love putting on a cozy playlist while I read and relax on my rest days.

24. Anti fatigue mat

This is the perfect addition to your standing desk setup.

You know it’s an adult workspace setup list when there are so many products focused on correct posture and pain release. :’)

These anti fatigue mats help you reduce stress in your back and knee, while you do your everyday chores. People also love using these as their kitchen mats while working in the kitchen.

25. posture corrector

Because honestly, we could all use this reminder.

You can simply connect the trainer device with your phone and put it on your back. It’ll vibrate every time you need to correct your posture.

You can obviously customize the settings to what suits you best and your progress is tracked on the app.

This post is all about the best desk layout for productivity that’ll actually make you wanna work.

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