improve your self image

11 Easy Tips To Improve Your Self Image (Stop Seeking Validation)

This post brings you the easiest and most effective hacks to improve your self image. So you’re never seeking for validation from others ever again!

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improve your self image

Your self image really determines the way you look at yourself, and hence, how you show up in life. That’s why it’s so important to improve your self image to make sure you’re living life as a confident & loving woman.

The only person that you’re going to spend the most amount of time with in your life, is you yourself. And so, the way you see yourself, and think about yourself and talk to yourself really determines the kind of life you have.

We’re so concerned about ‘What Brittany thinks about my look?’, that we don’t pay attention to how we see ourselves?

When you start implementing the tips given below to improve your self image, you’d no longer feel the need to seek validation from Brittanys!

This post is an exhaustive guide on what is self image, it’s types, the benefits of positive self image and some insanely simple tips to improve your self image.

Types of self-image

Self image is easily categorized in 4 categories,

  • How you see yourself
  • vs How other people see you
  • How you perceive others see you
  • How you perceive you see yourself

All of these categories are heavily reliant on your self-awareness. To improve your thoughts about yourself and how you see yourself, you must first become aware of them.

Self image vs Self esteem

Self image, as described above, is how you see yourself, internally and externally. For eg, ‘when you look in the mirror, what do you think about your body, your hair, or whether you think you’re happy?’ can all be attributed to your self-image.

Self esteem however is much broader than self image. It refers to how you think and feel about yourself. For eg, whether you think you’re worthy of love or not, is dependent on your self esteem.

A person with negative self image will inevitably have low self esteem. And someone with low self esteem won’t necessarily, but is likely to have negative self image.

Both are important for you to experience life at a much higher level.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Self esteem and self image are very connected. And this quote perfectly explains it. When you see yourself as ‘less than’ someone else, you give that person the power to make you feel small.

It’s time to take that power back and view yourself as a strong, confident and happy woman (or man), and start showing up as her.

Benefits Of Having A Positive Self Image

Having a positive self image will lead you to eradicate your self doubts and insecurities. And in turn, you show up as your highest self. And you feel your best, you attract the best experiences in life as well.

Here are some benefits of having a positive self image

1. healthy and happy in your body

Body Image issues are common in people with a negative self image. When you see yourself positively, you accept and love your body as it is.

And it’s much easier to take care of your health after that.

2. Accepting yourself

Accepting yourself, with all your strengths and limitations, gives you so much freedom. It allows you to focus on you strengths and use them to your benefits, instead of worrying about your weaknesses and letting them hold you back.

3. Being authentic

You’re not looking for validation from others. You don’t need to put on a show and pretend to be someone else to fit in; you can just be yourself, confident in your own skin.

And guess what? That’s freaking attractive!

4. Clarity in decision making

When you’re fully aware of who you are as a person, you gain clarity and confidence. You trust yourself to make the right decisions.

More importantly, if you make the wrong decision, you know how to forgive yourself.

5. Knowing your worth

You know what you bring to the table. And you’re finally open to the idea that you deserve a happy life! You no longer have to settle for that lame job, or that half ass relationship.

6. accepting challenges

You don’t fear the ‘big ole failure’ ghost when trying something new. You understand that trying new things will lead you to learn & grow more and experience new things.

7. Having a better life experience

It’s hard to see the good in the world when you have a negative image of self. One of the most important benefits of having a positive self image is that you start having a positive outlook on the world.

When you show up as your highest self, you attract a better life experience. Because you now know that you deserve better!

8. Improved mental health

When you improve your self image, you eliminate self-doubts and fears. Well, you obviously don’t completely get rid of ‘em immediately but they start fading away.

You stop stressing about menial things, like ‘what is my bestfriend thinking about me?’, and are more content with your life. All this, of course, leads to a better mental health.

Tips to improve your self image

Here are 11 insanely simple yet profound tips to improve your self image. You don’t need to start implementing all of them at once. Following a couple of them will also make a huge difference in your life.

1. observe your thoughts

Self awareness is the key to self improvement. Start by observing your thoughts. Be mindful of the thoughts you have about yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and notice how you see yourself.

It’s important that you don’t judge these thoughts, only observe them patiently. We’ll be changing them soon!

2. Change your story

Most of the time, everything you do in life – your thoughts, actions, and outcomes – follow a pattern. So, if you’re getting undesirable results, it’s time to change the pattern.

Starting with the stories you tell about yourself. Journal down – the things you keep telling yourself about yourself. You may have learned things from your parents, teachers, or other outside sources.

Next, it’s time to change the story. But this time, include everything you like about yourself and challenges you’ve overcome in life. Give specific examples.

This is your story from now on! Keep telling yourself the new story until it becomes your default.

3. Affirmations in front of the mirror

Affirmations are just positive statements that you repeat to yourself to raise your beliefs. Come up with 3-5 affirmations that will help you improve your self worth.

Start with ‘I am . . .’ (whatever you want to think about yourself)

You can also take ideas from the internet. But remember, this only works if the affirmations feel true to you. Choose statements that feel true and aligned with you.

And say them out loud, while looking in the mirror. It might sound crazy right now, but it works!

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4. Make a list of your positive qualities

Make a list of everything you love about yourself. Come up with at least 10 things. If you have a negative self image, you may think it’s impossible. But trust me, this will be life changing.

And every time your brain start telling you all the negative things about yourself, you pick up this list.

5. I’m proud of you

This is something that I did when my self confidence was taking a toll. Basically create an ‘I am proud of you’ page in your journal.

Write down one thing you’re proud of yourself for doing today! This will shift your perspective, specially when you’d write down what you’re proud of on days when you weren’t productive.

Also, surround yourself with people who appreciate you and make you feel proud of yourself. And most importantly, push you to become a better person.

6. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude can significantly improve your internal self image. It’ll bring a sense of happiness and positivity when you see yourself and your life.

Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day. Preferably in the morning.

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7. Challenge yourself

Another really fun way to improve your self image and self confidence is by taking new challenges intentionally. When you work on overcoming a challenge, you expand yourself, and of course, winning them takes you to the next level.

You don’t even have to start anything crazy; simply taking on a challenge to stick to a new habit can boost your confidence tenfold.

Take this free 7 day challenge to help you improve your confidence and see what your transformation will look like!

8. Stop comparing yourself

Comparison can really destroy your self image. But it’s difficult not to get caught up in the comparison trap, especially with all of the Instagram filters and tik tok transitions.

Stop comparing your low points to someone else’s highlight reels.

9. Forgive yourself

On this journey, we will all make mistakes and fail spectacularly. That is not a problem. It’s simply a fact of life.

When you make that failure mean something about you, it becomes a problem! If anything, use your failures to learn your lessons and be proud that you tried.

Another important skill to develop is to know how to get over those failures and start again.

10. Romanticize your life

Find joy in the little things in life. Find joy We often feel unworthy of life’s little pleasures due to negative self image.

Therefore, to improve your self worth, you need to intentionally seek joy in the little things in life. Buy your favorite perfume, dress up everyday, take pictures of everything, celebrate your little achievements, go on solo dates. You deserve it all!

11. Getting deep

Many negative self-image issues have deeper roots. And the best way to improve your self image is to address these issues. Maybe your relatives used to call you fat as a child, or you had a bad relationship that made you really unhappy.

If you feel that these issues are triggering, seek professional help.

This post brings you the easiest and most effective hacks to improve your self image. So you’re never seeking for validation from others ever again!

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