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How to Reinvent Yourself And Change Your Life In a Month

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, specially when we have a laidback approach towards it. If you feel stuck in your life, you might find the need to reinvent yourselves and intentionally follow new routines and habits that’ll help you to create the life you desire. In order to have a significant life transformation, you first need to take full responsibility of your current situations. Next, you need to come up with a self improvement plan to change your life. And lastly, you need to track your progress continuously to keep a check if your actions are aligned with your goals. 

“When performance is measured, performance improves. when performance is measured and reported the rate of improvement accelerates” 

Thomas S. Monson

In this blog, we will first examine various aspects of our lives, then evaluate them and eventually create an actionable plan to improve in each of these areas. You have to be intentional in your actions to create the life that you want. And it all starts when you take charge of your life.

Six Areas Where You Can Change Your Life

Here’s an exercise to help you assess your progress in six major areas of your life. Take out a notebook and a pen. And begin evaluating yourself in each of the areas listed below. Be completely honest; this exercise is designed to help you determine whether or not you are living up to your true potential. To change your life, you need to first assess your current situation. These are the six factors that would influence your life transformation.

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1. Career

Think about your professional life. Ask yourself if you are where you want to be or are you going on the right path? Or, like most people, you despise what you’re doing? Evaluate your career on a scale of 1 to 10. In this case, 1 means your job is terrible, you don’t like going to work everyday. And a score of 10 indicates that you are in love with your job and are exactly where you want to be.

2. Relationships

Assess all of your relationships, be it your friends, family, partner, neighbors, colleagues, mentors or your business relations. Remember, your network determines your net worth. See if you can improve your relationships and change your life. In this case, 1 denotes that you are alone, with no friends or family to lean on. Whereas a solid 10 means that all of your relationships are perfect. You don’t have to change any of them. 

3. Intellectual

You can evaluate this by the number of books you’ve read, courses you’ve enrolled in, and workshops you’ve attended. Basically, how much time, money, and energy do you invest in self-improvement. Here, 1 means you have no IQ, don’t know how to read, while 10 means you are the smartest person and have all the knowledge in the world. 

4. Physical

This category is about your body. Are you in good physical condition? It’s not just about how you look, but also how your body feels. Do you have enough energy throughout the day, a strong immune system, and healthy eating habits? Also, consider the amount of sleep you get. In this case, 1 means you are completely out of shape and your health is miserable, while 10 means you have perfect physical health.

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5. Emotional

How do you feel throughout the day? Are you sad, happy, angry, peaceful, or all over the place? And, more importantly, how do you deal with these emotions? Do you frequently feel anxious and overwhelmed? In this case, 1 denotes that you are an emotional wreck. Whereas, a score of 10 indicates that you are extremely calm, peaceful, and self-aware. You’re essentially Buddha, lol.

6. Spiritual

For many of you, being spiritual may imply being religious, but this is not the case for everyone. You can be spiritual without being a religious person. Many people today fit into this category. Yoga and meditation, for example, can enhance your spiritual aspects. In this case, 1 means you’ve never done yoga, meditation, or prayed. While, 10 indicates that you can go on to become next ascendant master.


Give yourself honest scores ranging from 1 to 10 in each of these categories and add them up. Now, divide your total by 60 to get the percentage. Assign a grade based on your results. Example, If you received a 67 percent, you would grade your life a C. This will hit you hard, because now have an exact number to describe the quality of your life. But don’t worry, majority of people fall into C and D categories. Consider this a wake-up call about your current living situation and areas where you need to reinvent yourself, because you are fully capable of living your best life. Who is preventing you from living it? It’s you. Stop living cluelessly and take charge to change your life.

Action Plan To Change Your Life

Now that you know where your life is at the moment. Start creating a plan, for the next month, that will help you increase your score by at least 1 point in each of these areas.
Example, for your career, find out if there are grab any opportunities at workplace, that’ll help you grow. Also, See if you can start a side hustle. Find out time and arrange meetings with your friends, family or mentors, to improve relationships. For intellect, try to enroll in new courses, that’ll help you grow personally & professionally. Pick a good book and start reading 10 pages daily.
For your physical growth, start exercising, fix your sleep schedule or follow a healthy diet. Start observing yourself and becoming more self aware —  journaling can help to improve your emotional stability. For spirituality, use Headspace to meditate 10 mins daily, or begin other spiritual practices.

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Start creating a plan to change your life. Be very precise about the habits you want to develop and the results you want at the end of the month. Include these habits and activities in your daily routine — to level up not only in these six areas, but in life. Then stick to this plan for at least 30 days, but don’t just stop there. Have a proactive approach towards life. You can also use this approach to review your plan, analyze your goals and make changes accordingly. Because, let’s face it, life happens. You will have to change your plan several times before you reach your end goal, and for that you need to keep a constant check (weekly or monthly) on your plans to see if they still align with your dream life.

What’s Your Plan to Change Your Life?

Comment below, the areas of your life that have maximum scope of improvement and what your self-improvement plan is to change your life.

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