21+ Unique January Bullet Journal Ideas You Have To Try

January not only marks the beginning of a new month, but also the beginning of a new year! Which means new themes and layouts to organize your life for all Bujo addicts. Whether you’re starting a new bullet journal or updating an old one, here are some January Bullet Journal Theme ideas to get you started!

This collection includes everything from snowflakes to sushi, k-dramas to constellations. You’ll undoubtedly come across something that catches your eye. Use them to create your cover page, monthly log, habit trackers, and more.

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If you’re new to bullet journaling here’s a 10-day challenge to help you setup your bullet journal from scratch!

BuJo Tools You’ll Need

Bullet journal supplies do not have to cost a lot of money (Unless, of course you love to). Most beginners, however, become overwhelmed by the long list of journals, pens, and stickers that bloggers recommend. So, here are some affordable tools that work great for me!

1. Bullet Journal

I use this simple Dotted Bullet Journal. The dotted sheets make drawing lines and dividing layouts easier. The pages are quite thick. It also has a small pocket on the back for storing loose items.

Other journals that I love . .

2. Pens

These micron pens are my all time favorite. I use them for headings and doodling. They come in different nib sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Highlighter

These Stabilo Swing Cool highlighter pack is a good save if you love adding a pop of colors to your bullet journal layouts. If you use lots of colors in your bullet journals, invest in a good set of highlighters.

People also love investing in these two sets.

4. Stickers

Adding stickers to layouts is the simplest way to make them more interesting. You can use this pack of 550+ bullet journal stickers.

5. Bullet Journal Templates

Bujo template packs can save you a lot of energy and time, specially if you’re just getting started. Here, I created a bullet journal template pack with 35+ templates for you! You can download this for FREE here.

January Bullet Journal Ideas

The internet can be a minefield when it comes to finding bullet journal ideas. The thousands of creative layout designs on Pinterest and Instagram frequently cause analysis paralysis, leaving us wondering if our spreads are good enough!

To save you the trouble, I scoured the internet for 21+ unique January bullet journal ideas you CANNOT miss! Try these in your bullet journal (with your own spin, of course!).

Whether you love a minimalist layout or enjoy different themes, there’s something for everyone!

1. Happy New Year

New Year’s all about celebration! Create a Happy New Year page on the left and a mini January calendar on the right.

To add some color to your layout, use washi tapes or stickers.

happy new year page, january bullet journal

Credits : Raesdailypage

2. Music Lovers

This layout is colorful, vintage, creative, and everything else! If you enjoy music, this January Bullet Journal idea may be of interest to you.

I love the colorful vintage record player with the leafy doodles here.

january bullet journal

Credits : Marthasjournal

3. Winter Fruits

Add some P(f)un to your layout as done here by nora_the_artsy_girl. You can create a similar layout with your favorite winter fruit.

Don’t forget to add quotes that inspire you!

january monthly log, january bullet journal

4. Out Of The Box

A duck on a skateboard! How cool is that? Open your minds, grab your sketch pens and doodle something fun and unique.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens are used to create this layout.

january bullet journal

Credits : eggyhues

5. Monthly Log

Make a January calendar on the left page and a task list on the right. Bridgetsjournal themed this layout around Italy’s Winters.

january monthly log

6. Sushi-Themed

For all you foodies out there! Make a 2-page monthly log spread. Mention the month’s important dates and events. Here’s how to make the most of a monthly log layout.

sushi box layout

Credits : its_marta_bujo

7. Jellyfish January Bullet Journal Idea

Add a black and white contrast to your layouts.


Credits : Kesysbujo

8. Habit Tracker

I’m sure you’ve a list of healthy habits you want to start in 2022. Keep track of those habits with a bullet journal habit tracker. Make it your year!

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habit tracker

Credits : Creativemindscoffeegrinds

10. Rainbows

Here’s a simple yet elegant January Bullet Journal Idea. Write your month’s name in the center and draw different colored rainbows around it to create a dreamy aesthetic.

january bullet journal

Credits : Saracreatess

11. Book Theme

It’s amazing how quickly and easily you can create an appealing layout. The key is to use washi tape to add elements that match the theme like this one.

january bullet journal

Credits : Journalwithrae

12. Self Care

Make yourself a priority this year! And let your January theme reflect the same. Take this 7-day Self-Care Challenge to kickstart your year by prioritizing yourself.

self care theme

Credits : the.bujogirl

13. Mountain Themed Cover Page

Add different colors to make it look more vibrant. I also loved the glimmer effect on the mountains and in the sky.

january cover page

Credits : plslars

14. Casino

This January Bullet Journal Idea is based on ‘Casino’. New Year is all about celebrations after all!

casino theme

Credits : art_n_foxes

15. Crystal Ball

If you’re into horoscope and fortune telling, here’s a design by @bulletjournalbychloe.

january bullet journal

16. All About Stars And Constellations

Ah! so magical. Don’t forget to add a quote that matches your theme.

stars theme january

Credits : _redwritinghood

17. BTS

Although this is a 2020 layout, but 2021 was also all about K-dramas and BTS craze!!


Credits : persona_notes

18. Origami

I love this minimal and clean design. Medstud.ies created this January bullet journal idea with ‘origami’ theme in mind.


19. Mood Board

Grab your stickers, pictures and scrapbook paper, and create a collage. Take a cue from this one.

january bullet journal

Credits : Journalwithrae

20. Bring the Christmas Spirit Into January!

This is your reminder that don’t always need to add lots of colors to create a beautiful layout.

christmas idea

Credits : alebuba

21. Another January Monthly Log

Log your days as you go in this calendar and add stickers to match your day’s vibes.

monthly log

Credits : journalbycia

22. Spice Plants Themed

Paper layering is another cool way to create an aesthetic layout as done here.

january bullet journal

Credits : bujo.by.filo

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Which January Bullet Journal Idea Are You Excited To Try?

Comment below your favorite layouts from the list. If you recreate any of these, please send them to me via Instagram or mail; I’d love to see them!

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  1. I just got a book from my friend which looks super cute and i wanted to make it as a journal i have completed only 3 pages and then it was new year so wanted to make something very cute and i found all these cute ideasso i combined all these images and made a collage one with the cute origami god and rainbows and the happy new year sign with the 2 small drinks and the calendar.it turned out super cute.this helped a lot.

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