fun self care activities for adults

35 Non-Boring Fun Self Care Activities For Adults You’ll Truly Enjoy

This post is all about fun self care activities for adults.

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fun self care activities for adults

Because self care doesn’t have to be another task on your to-do list!

In fact, self care should be something that you truly enjoy and look forward to. It doesn’t necessarily has to align with the Instagram’s idea of self care.

If watching ‘Love is Blind’ and eating popcorns is your idea of the perfect self care Sunday, then so be it!

Here are 35 absolute fun self care activities for adults to get started with.

Whether you’re bored of your already existing self care routine or hate the cliché self care rituals of putting on a face mask or meditating, here are some ideas to plan a fun self care Sunday and revamp your self care routine.

You can have a peaceful me-time and enjoy these fun self care activities for adults by yourself, or ask your friends to join you and have fun socializing.

And if some of these activities shine out more than the other, add those to your self care routines and start intentionally making time for those fun self care activities for adults.

fun self care activities for adults

1. paris in a day puzzle

Puzzling is such a fun and mindful self care activity. Spend your after work hours kicking back with a drink and solving this 1000- piece puzzle.

You’re obviously not gonna complete the whole puzzle in one go, so use this table to keep your puzzle intact till you finish it.

2. learn a new coffee recipe

If making coffee is your love language, you should try this fun self care activities for adults. I’m sure you hopped on the dalgona coffee trend a few years back, haha.

Here are some insanely famous Starbucks recipes that you can try.

3. prepare a best friend update presentation

Haven’t met your bestfriend in a long time? You owe them an update . . . presentation.

I can already imagine how this is gonna go, craziness mixed with lots of laughter. Of course, you don’t have to make a fancy presentation, but it sure as hell should be entertaining.

4. watch trash tv shows

I know, this is not your conventional self care advice. But sometimes, when life’s a lot, all you need is a trash T.V. show to zone out and forget about your problems for a while.

Guilty pleasure, is it?

5. movie night – Watch harry potter

You can never go wrong with harry potter! Call your friends over and get lost in the magical harry potter world.

And just so you know its It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!”

6. play dress up

How fun is it to play your pretend fashion show, haha! Bring all your clothes out and mix & match outfits to come up with something cool.

The best part? This would help you clean and tidy up your closet. And hopefully, come up with new outfits.

7. diy face mask

What fun is it using a sheet mask when you can use a home made coffee mask?

Here are 6 diy coffee mask ideas to try to keep you skin healthy and happy!

8. start a healthy challenge

Challenges are so fun to start and always bring the best results, because they make you want to push yourself every single day.

Here’s a 7 day self care challenge to get started with. Or you can just start a challenge with 2-3 new habits you want to build.

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9. go Biking with friends

This is a great fun self care activities for adults to add some movement in your routine.

If you want to stop dreading going on a run, and make it more fun, call your friends to join in with you.

10. bubble bath

If you’re having a bad day, taking a long hot bubble bath is the best way to wash your worries off. It’s so calming and refreshing.

Also, if you love watching a series, or reading a book during your baths, this bathtub tray is literally what you need!

11. paint by numbers

Plan your aesthetic paint date with your friends. Pick up a canvas. And if you don’t wanna go through the hassle, try paint by numbers instead.

It’s a fun mindful activity to create instead of consume on a self care day.

12. clean your house

If you’re one of those people who find cleaning therapeutic, this fun self care activities for adults is for you.

It doesn’t only help you clean your room, but also calm your mind.

13. plan a distraction free dinner

Plan a dinner with your friends or family. And make a pact that nobody can touch their phone until dinner’s over.

You can use this timed lock box to keep your phones. And maybe a polaroid camera to capture pictures.

You’ll be shocked to see how present and grateful you feel, just by keeping your phones away.

14. bake

Baking is one of those fun self care activities for adults that you can spend hours and hours doing, without feeling rushed.

And the end result always makes it worth it!

Use this beginner’s baking bible to get some ideas and don’t forget to add your touch to it 😉

15. play with your dog

I mean. . . do I need to say more. Probably the easiest way to boost your serotonin on a bad day!

16. paint your nails at home

There’s something about a fresh manicure that makes you feel so confident, like you’re ready to conquer the world!

And a budget friendly self care ideas is to paint your nails at home, or get a press on nails set. Impress nails have the best designs if you want to try press ons.

17. try a new workout

Workouts are the best self care activity to get those endorphins going. But following the same workout routine everyday can get a little boring.

Try something new today. Book that pilates class, go for a swim, or try outdoor yoga.

You might just find your new favorite form of workout.

18. knitting

Knitting is no more the grandma hobby! So many young women (and men) are getting into knitting and crocheting. Even starting a business based off of this.

And while I know nothing about this craft, I’m definitely intrigued to try it soon!

19. book a spa appointment

Have a spa/self care day and treat yourself like a queen. Cuz well, you deserve it!

If you don’t wanna spend all this time & money on a spa appointment, have an at home spa experience. Here’s a basic essentials kit for you.

20. aromatherapy is the best therapy

Fragrances have a power of taking you back to a special place or memory, or just lifting the environment in general.

Light your favorite aromatherapy candle that take you back to your safe place. I love these homesick candles that might remind you of your favorite city or place.

21. get some sleep

Sometimes the best thing to do for self care is doing nothing. Catch up on your sleep, so you wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

22. long drive with friends

Or alone.

Whatever you’re in the mood for!

Going on a long drive is a fun way to get out of your head, push back your racing thoughts and just enjoy the journey for a while.

Put on your favorite playlist in the background and enjoy the ride.

23. pick a cozy read

Reading is slowly becoming my favorite self care activity.

Because it’s a great way to get lost in another world, and finishing a book honestly feels so productive.

And you always learn something from it, no matter what book you’re reading.

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24. dance it out

Have a dance party of 1 might sound crazy. But it sure as hell feels amazing!

Nothing like a dance party to boost your mood. My dog always come rushing around to join me in them as well.

27. bullet journal

Bullet journaling is such a fun self care activities for adults. Mainly because it helps you stay organized while also being your creative outlet.

If you’ve been putting off starting a bullet journal because it feels too intimidating, here’s exactly how to start a bullet journal for beginners.

28. hot girl walks

This is one of the self care idea that you can easily incorporate in your routine.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed, plug in your earphones, and go on a walk. It’s the best way to clear your head, and step back for a while.

And by the time you get back, you’re ablet to look at things from a fresh perspective.

hot girl walk essentials

They’re literally so comfy!

29. pottery

Pottery is getting quite the buzz these days.

And if you’re ready to hop on the train and explore a different creative outlet, pottery is the right thing for you.

30. make a fun bucket list

List down all the thing you want to do this year. And I’m not just talking about your goals, but the crazy, stupid, fun things that add more memories to your life.

Things like, going to a Taylor Swift’s concert, surprising your friend with a birthday trip, being a tourist in your own city, or finishing a 30 day challenge.

And think about how you can start completing them!

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31. Make your comfort playlist

It’s fun switching through different songs, picking your favorite ones. And you’ll end up using this the next time you’re having a bad day. (Hopefully, not anytime soon!)

32. go to the beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, why miss that opportunity!?

Take your book, have a beach picnic or just observe the tides. I could literally sit on the beach looking at the waves for hours on end, it feels so calming.

33. make a notion board

If you come here often, you already know that I’m obsessed with Notion Lately. From organizing your goals, to resumes, to travel planning, you can do it all in notion.

It literally makes me feel so type A and on top of my shit.

34. lie in the park and enjoy the sunset

It’s the little moments right?

Besides, when was the last time you let yourself just be and enjoy the nature around you? This is the perfect fun self care activities for adults.

35. build a blanket fort date night

This is definitely inspired by my favourite youtubers – Jess and Gabe.

But it’s a simple way to make your date nights more fun. Build a blanket fort in your living room, and have a movie night!

36. go to a comedy show

I recently went to a comedy show and it was so fun that I wondered why didn’t I do it sooner?

Go to a comedy show nearby with your friends and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I mean, take any excuse you get for a good laugh!

37. make friendship bracelets with your friend

Nothing like doing crafts to make your heart happy! Specially, when you’re making something as a gift to your loved ones. Whether that’s baking cookies or making friendship bands.

Get this simple friendship band kit, ask your friends to join you over, and get creative!

This post is all about fun self care activities for adults.

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