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7 Things To Do Before Going To Sleep For A Productive Day

Do you have trouble sleeping? You are either not sleeping 7-8 hours or are not getting enough quality sleep! Well, here are 7 things to do before going to sleep to help you out.

A bad night can ruin your mornings and, in some cases, your entire day! To avoid this, it’s critical to have a nighttime routine that helps you kick back and relax.

And we all know, opening a can of beer while watching Netflix (or worse, scrolling through Instagram) isn’t really helping you tone down. No matter, how useful you believe it is.

Many people also believe that developing a morning routine is far more important than focusing on a nighttime routine in order to have a productive day. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why.

Morning Routine v/s Evening Routine?

Morning rituals are essential for a productive and fulfilling day. However, a great morning starts with a great night before. And all the things that you did before going to sleep.

Nobody likes to get up grumpy in the morning, right?

The issue with nighttime routines is almost always the same as with morning routines – you do not prioritize them. You become so engrossed in your work that all you want to do at night is either finish your to-do list or sit on the couch to finally catch a breath.

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According to a study, 70 % of adults experience trouble with sleep at least once a month. But practicing certain healthy habits before going to sleep can help.

You can also read the book Why We Sleep? by Matthew Walker to understand this further. You can find it here.

And I know, it may sound like work at first, but these habits will actually be useful in the long run.

7 Things To Do Before Going To Sleep

1. Have A Cut Off Time

Set a time when you will step away from work and close it for the day. This is a huge problem that I face too. Especially, with the whole work from home situation.

You need to start creating healthy boundaries. Going to bed with your laptop and office work office work on is not the best way to sleep.

2. Plan For The Next Day

Take the last 15 minutes before closing the work to plan your next day. At least, have an idea of what tomorrow is going to look like.

You can also do it the following morning, but I’ve found that planning your days the night before helps you organize your mornings in a much better way.

Here are few planner templates to help you out. You can download these printables here FOR FREE.

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3. No Phone For At Least An Hour Before Going To Sleep

The blue on your screens makes you stay awake for longer. That’s why it’s important to stay away from screens for at least an hour before sleeping to allow your body to get ready to sleep.

Also, no good is coming out of the mindless scrolling that you intent to do. Instead, do something to help you slow down.

4. Reading

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So, if you’re not using your phones and you’re not going to bed right away, what are you doing? Well, pick up your favorite book and start reading.

Reading also makes a lot of people feel sleepy. I love reading in the mornings; especially self help books that allow you to learn new things first thing in the morning. But for night time, you can also pick up a fictional book.

I recently read ‘One Of Us Is Lying’ and I loved it. If you love a good murder mystery, you can pick up this book. It’s available on amazon.

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5. Journaling

I recently noticed, that practicing gratitude in my gratitude journal at night helped me wake up in a better mood. Because you think happy thoughts before going to sleep, they will return to you in the morning.

You can also use a journal or do a brain dump to process your thoughts. Too many thoughts in your head can keep you awake at times. Jot down your thoughts on paper before going to sleep.

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6. Practice Self Care

If you have the time, which you should if you followed tip #1, indulge in some self care. After all, you had a long exhausting day. And now it’s time to relax and recharge.

Put on a hydrating face mask, light an intention candle, or draw a bath. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Do something that you enjoy, eg : writing, or doing a puzzle.

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7. Listen to Calming Music

Listen to relaxing music, or even better, sounds that will help you fall asleep. You can use apps like hemisync, which use neural science methods to help you sleep better. Here’s a sleep sounds package that contains six albums, each of which helps you with a different component of sleep.

You can also use guided sleep meditations from headspace if you think that would help.

What Habits Are You Going To Establish Before Going To Sleep?

If you just start with two habits from this list and stick with them for 30 days, you’ll notice a difference. Comment below with the two habits you’re going to start today.

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