how to be productive at home

27 Best Tips On How To Be Productive At Home

This post is all about how to be productive at home, so you get more done in less time! These 27 insanely simple tips are bound to skyrocket your productivity at home.

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how to be productive at home

Have you tried all the productivity hacks possible but can’t figure out how to be productive at home? Well, this list got you covered.

Being productive while staying at home can be difficult. You don’t have access to aesthetic coffee shops, nor do you meet people who hold you accountable. But it’s the new norm.

And it’s easier to find yourself stuck in a rut. That’s why, we need to learn and adapt to new ways of staying productive and organized at home, now more than ever!

How To Be Productive At Home

So, here are some tips on how to be productive at home so you get more done in less time. This list answers all your questions from how to work from home effectively to how to eliminate distractions, and how to make time for yourself?

How To Work From Home Effectively

Work from home is the new way of working now. So, the sooner you learn how to work from home effectively the better!

1. Create A Workspace

Ditch working from your couch and create a space that helps you focus and get in the zone! You can buy this table from amazon (it’s under $50!) and a comfy chair to go with it.

2. Have Office Hours (If you can!)

You can’t work all day and expect yourself to be productive. Having office hours creates a sense of urgency to complete your tasks before the end of the workday.

3. Batch similar tasks

The simplest tip for how to work from home effectively is ‘task batching’. Basically, batch and complete all your similar tasks (like, checking emails, or scheduling meetings) at the same time.

4. Eliminate Distractions

It’s so much harder to focus on work when you sister’s constantly talking to you and your phone keeps buzzing. Here are a few pointers (check #17) to help you eliminate distractions.

5. Plan Your Meetings In Advance

Plan your meeting and appointments at least a week in advance (if possible!). So that your doctor’s appointment and client meeting don’t conflict at 1 pm.

6. Mornings Are Your Best Friend

Working in the mornings is the best solution for how to be productive at home. The world is quieter, everyone in the house is sleeping and it’s much easier to focus on work.

If you don’t want to wake everyone else, you can use this desk lamp as well.

7. Eat The Frog First

Finish the most important task first thing in the morning so that it’s not lingering over your head for the rest of the day.

How To Plan Your Week To Be Productive At Home

Knowing what your week will entail allows you to better manage your time. Here are few tips on how to plan your week to be productive.

8. Plan your week

Having a plan for the upcoming week can help you better manage your days. You don’t need to have a time-blocked schedule for the week, but at least have an idea of the tasks you’ll be doing every day.

9. Brain Dump All Your Weekly Tasks

Before starting to plan your week; take a journal and write down everything you wanna get done this week. It allows you to see the tasks clearly and determine your priorities.

10. Schedule In Google Calendars

Google Calendars is your answer to ‘how to plan your weeks to be productive’. Schedule all your tasks and important meetings in google calendar.

I combine this with a time block method that made me 3x my productivity from the first week itself. If you want to learn the method in depth, enroll in the ‘Quarter Crush Bundle’.

11. Theme Your Days For Housework

Easiest way to keep your house organized while having to work is by theming your days for a particular task. Eg, Tuesdays are for laundry and Sundays are for meal planning etc.

How To Plan Your Days To Be Productive At Home

You need to be intentional about being productive; otherwise, you’ll waste time on unimportant tasks.. Here’s how to plan your days to be productive.

12. Have a Morning Routine

Create a morning routine that elevates your mood in the morning and leaves you ready and excited for the day.

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13. To-Do Lists

Create a to-do list of all the tasks you need to do today. If you follow the weekly planning method, you already have a good idea of your everyday to-dos. Get yourself an erasable to-do list for your desk, or go for a conventional planner.

14. Prioritize Tasks

Pick 3 most important tasks that need to get done for each day. Choose tasks that’ll help you get closer to your goals, instead of wasting time on random stuff.

15. What Time Of The Day Are You The Most Productive?

The best part about working from home is that you can manage your own time. Notice what time of the day are you the most productive at and plan your work accordingly.

16. End of Work Day Ritual

Create a routine for closing out the day’s work. Include activities such as cleaning your workspace, meditating, or going on a walk.

How To Eliminate Distractions

If you want to learn how to be productive at home, you need to understand how to eliminate distractions as well.

17. Get Rid Of Your Phone

Put your phone in another room. Or if you have to take work calls, turn off your notifications.

18. Block Desktop Notifications

Freedom app allows you to block notification on your computer as well. You don’t need to respond to every Instagram comment and watsapp message during work.

19. Binaural Beats To Focus

You’re not getting the same productive atmosphere as in the office, but you try different things that allow you to focus. Simple things, like playing binaural beats can help you focus.

How To Stay Organized At Home

It’s also important to keep your life organized while working from home. Here are some tips on how to stay organized at home.

20. Cross Check Family’s Schedule

Add the schedule of your partner, and kids, to your google calendars to ensure nothing clashes.

21. Meal Prep

Meal prepping helps you save so much time during the work week. And lots of money as well.

22. Schedule Household Tasks

Create a schedule that helps you stay organized at home while being productive. Theme your days (check #11). Do 10 minute cleaning everyday, followed by a deep clean on Sunday.

23. Monthly Family Meetings

This will up level the way you stay organized at home! Sit down with your partner, discuss your monthly goals, finances and important tasks, to ensure that you’re both on the same page.

How To Make Time For Yourself

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take time to rest. Here are some tips on how to make time for yourself.

24. Take breaks

Take regular breaks during the work day as well. Making time for rest helps you recharge and come back more energized.

Inside the ‘Quarter Crush Bundle’, I’m giving you the exact system that’ll help you take your weekends off, while using the weekdays to stay productive and get closer to your goals.

25. Have self care days

Selfcare Sundays are the best thing ever! Apply a facemask, draw a bath, read your favorite book, whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

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26. Create Habits To Make You Feel Your Best

Start creating habits that help you take care of yourself and make you feel your best. And when you are at your best, you are more productive.

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27. Good Vibes List

Create a list of all the things that bring you the good vibes. Eg, your fav food, going on a walk, or playing with your pet. Now, try to include as many things from this list to your everyday life as possible.

This post is all about how to be productive at home, so you get more done in less time! These were 27 must-try tips that are bound to skyrocket your productivity at home.


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