how to take care of yourself as a woman

How To Take Care Of Yourself As A Woman – 15 Tips if you Find It Hard

This post is all about how to take care of yourself as a woman.

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how to take care of yourself as a woman

Navigating life as a modern day women isn’t easy – there’s always something on your plate. After finishing up with office meetings, rant sessions with girlfriends, and taking care of the family, you barely have time for yourself.

Of course, self care is the last thing on your list!

But you need to understand that you can’t be confident in office meetings, cheer on your friends, or look after your family’s needs unless you first take care of yourself. If you continue to pour from an empty cup, you’ll end up feeling resentful in life.

So, if you’ve been wondering how to care for yourself as a woman, look no further! I’ve got the perfect self care ideas list, that goes far beyond gua shas and yankee candles. (although we love a good at home spa vibe!)

how to take care of yourself as a woman

1. On your way to work, think what you’re grateful for

Every morning, write down 3 very specific moments/things that you’re grateful for! This is the easiest one to try from the self care ideas list. It will only take 5 minutes but will have a huge impact on your days. You can use this 5 min gratitude journal if you’re new to it.

Make this a daily practice, not just something you do when you’re feeling down. In fact, we often forget the good things in life when we are sad.

2. Stop Thinking, Start Writing

If you’re overthinking about how to take care of yourself as a woman and can’t get your brain to shush, this tip is for you. Stop thinking and starting writing your thoughts down.

The thing is, we have a tendency to exaggerate situations in our heads. But when you put everything on paper, you can see the real issue and come up with solutions.

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3. Hot Girl Walks are The Way to Go

Hot girl walks are my fav thing on this self care ideas list right now. In fact, it’s the best way to maintain a sense of routine and life outside of your laptops.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, plug in your earphones and go on a hot girl walk. I swear you’ll come back with a fresh perspective.


They’re literally so comfy!

4. no social media day

You don’t realize how bad social media is for you until you stop using it. And I understand that even thinking about a detox day is intimidating.

However, you can start by having a fun “no social media” date once a month. Be intentional with it. Spend that time with your friends and family, doing activities that you truly enjoy (instead of worrying about the aesthetics).

You can also use the freedom app to block notification on your phones and laptops while you’re working.

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5. Get New Nails

I don’t know about you, but I feel more confident when my nails are done properly. New nails kind of signify a fresh start. It’s the simplest answer for how to care of yourself as a woman.

I don’t know about you, but having a new manicure instantly boosts my confidence. You don’t have to make a nail appointment if that’s not your thing. Simply do something for your physical self-care that gives you confidence.

how to take care of yourself as a woman

6. and perfume too

This’ll hardly take 30 seconds but will make you feel more hygienic and prepared for the day, and it helps you make a good impression on the people you meet.

I know it’s vague and your personality is far more than the cologne you wear. But putting in that extra effort on how you look or smell only makes you more confident and ready, and it shows.

7. laugh your heart out

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Make time to catch up with your friends and have crazy conversations. Or watch a stand up on YouTube. This’ll literally be your fav thing on the self care ideas list.

You’re at this stage in life where you’re always preoccupied with your career, family, or health, to the point where we forget to enjoy the moment. But in the end all we’re looking for is happiness.

8. girlfriends sess = therapy

self care ideas

Sometimes all you need is someone to listen to you rant about life without passing judgement. If everything seems to be going wrong, have a one-hour facetime call with your girlfriends and you’ll end up feeling much better.

Or just call and check up on them!

9. what’s the one thing on your mind? do it

We often feel dissatisfied or held back in life because we do not do enough things that make us feel alive. And I’m sure everyone has their own set of excuses why, maybe there’s no time or you feel unsafe doing things alone.

Here’s a challenge for you: do whatever you’ve been wanting to do, whether it’s going to the movies, starting a new routine, or going on that trip. No excuses this time. Just go ahead and do it.

It’s nice to have company, but you don’t have to wait for others to make time for you; you are independent enough to take care of yourself.

10. good vibes list

Create a list of little things that make you happy – things like your fav cafe, playing with your pets, listening to your fav song. Good vibes list is your answer to how to take care of yourself as a woman.

And now, start being more intentional by including more things from this list into your daily life.

11. listen to your body

I was going to say, eat some pasta (or your comfort food) and watch a movie – sounds like a perfect self care Sunday night, right? But sometimes, all your body needs is a healthy sandwich and a smoothie.

We don’t pay enough attention to how we feel in our bodies. Take some time to check in with yourself and see what your body needs today!

12. dance to your own beat

how to take care of yourself as a woman

That’s my favorite thing on the self care ideas list to do when I want to improve my mood. Put on your favorite music and dance, and of course have your own Hannah Montana concert!

It always makes you feel a 100% better!

13. Try A Fun mindful activity

We are constantly bombarded with information these days. And when we do get a break, we use it to scroll through tiktok and consume even more information.

We hardly take time to process our thoughts. That’s why you need to do a mindful activity – like cooking, puzzling, or painting – it allows you to silence your mind and enjoy the present moment.

And they’re so fun! Try this 2 million dollar puzzle and if you’ll finish it before 2024, you’ll win a cash prize!

14. say no to stuff

You already have a lot on your plate, and if you don’t start saying no to things right away, you’ll become exhausted and resentful of your work and relationships.

That’s why establishing clear boundaries in life is an important part of how to care for yourself as a woman. If you can’t answer your mom’s call during the day because you’re too busy with meetings, let her know that.

And those who truly care about you will understand and support you. If you are a people pleaser, this book will change your life.

15. ask for help

Most people don’t realize that people are more than happy and willing to help others. As a woman, you may think that you don’t want to be a burden on others, so you should do everything yourself.

But tell me one thing: if your younger sister came to you right now asking for help, you’d probably do it, right?

So, when you deny yourself the opportunity to seek assistance from others, you are a) depriving them of the pleasure of doing something good for you and b) getting slower results while exhausting yourself.

It’s an lose-lose situation!

This post is all about how to take care of yourself as a woman.

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