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How To Reset For Mid Year and Refresh Your Life

You can choose to have a fresh start in your life at any time of the year. However, new months and new years bring with them a renewed sense of motivation. July has arrived. And if you have deviated from your new year goals, then now is your time to have a mid year reset and refresh your life.

So, here’s a mid-year reset plan for you, use this to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the year. To get started quickly, follow the action steps provided in each step.

1. Pick A Challenge

You’ve been stuck in a rut for a few months now, feeling as if you don’t want to do anything. The simplest way to get out of this funk is to take on a challenge. Whether it’s a 14-day workout challenge, a 10-day meditation program or a challenge related to your hobbies.

woman, fitness, workout, refresh your life, mid year reset, challenge

Most people begin with workout challenges because exercise produces dopamine — a feel-good hormone that motivates you. It provides the necessary instant gratification. Try this 21 day tone challenge by Blogilates.

You can also use the 21 day challenge app to try out a variety of beginner friendly challenges in different categories.

Use this challenge to symbolize letting go of your old self and embracing a new one. And to demonstrate to yourself that you are capable of bringing about consistent change in your life.

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2. Have A Detox Week To Refresh Your Life

Take a week off of social media; that includes tik tok, Instagram, Facebook and any other forms of media. Take a look at your schedule and replace your social media time with activities you enjoy. Set up a picnic, read a book, paint, or cook. Do things that make you feel happy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it’s probably because you’re spending too much time on social media. Our mind needs to create more and consume less, i.e. do more things that pique your interest and excitement, instead of constantly consuming information.

Don’t keep yourself occupied all the time; create some space in your life to allow new ideas and opportunity to enter.

3. Change Your Environment

Create some change in your environment to signify this new phase of your life. Of course, real change is always internal. But you need some external change to serve as a reminder.

Reorganize your room, change your hairstyle, or just create a new playlist. Anything that serves as a reminder to refresh your life.

4. Plan a Favorite Things Day

It’s a sort of self care ritual. Make a list of everything you enjoy doing. Things like hanging out with friends, cooking for your family, going for a run, sleeping in, eating your favorite donut, or going to the beach.

Now, plan a day to do the things mentioned on this list. You’ll realize that it’s the little things in life that truly make you happy.

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5. Spend Time In Nature For A Life Refresh

Nature has a way of replenishing you. Plan a day to spend more time in nature. Maybe work in the park, have a picnic, or go on a hike.

Because everything is moving online these days, you hardly get any time to look beyond your computer screen and observe the world around you. That’s why it’s even more important today to be intentional about scheduling outdoor time.

This is a kind of mental cleanse. Spend some time observing and appreciating life, and I’m confident you’ll gain some incredible insights. You can schedule this day during your ‘digital detox’ week.

6. Reflect

Now it’s time to reflect on your first half of the year, or whenever you’re doing this. To create new goals and routines, it is necessary to first analyze the previous ones. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve by learning about our successes and failures.

Check you new year’s goal list, if you have one. If not, don’t worry; just answer the following questions.

Q. How has my year been so far?

Write a few lines about how things went. How much hard work have you put in? How did you handle uncertain situations?

Q. What are your achievements?

Give yourself some credit for the things that you’ve accomplished this year. It can be anything, big or small. If nothing else, appreciate the fact that you’ve survived these uncertain times and are taking responsibility for some change.

Q. What do you want to change?

Be completely honest, and think about the areas of your life that you want to improve. This includes things like changing your job, starting a new routine, learning a new skill, or just changing a simple habit.

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7. Set New Routines and Systems In Life For a Refresh

By now, you should be pretty clear about what you need to improve in your life. Now, set some goals for the next 6 months. Use the same goals you set at the beginning of the year, or set some new ones.

Also, create routines to make your life easier. Routines allow you work towards your goals even when you don’t feel like it. Create a weekly and monthly planning routine to review and refine your goals. Having a morning routine also helps in kick starting your days for productivity.

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It is also important to incorporate new habits into your daily routine. For example, if you want to fix your sleep cycle, make it a habit to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Or, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, develop the habit of substituting healthy foods for junk food.

Remember to write down your routines in your planner or calendar.

What’s Your Motto For This Refreshing Restart?

Comment below a word that defines your theme for the rest of the year. Also, please share your experiences about how you feel after this mid year reset.

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