Are You Feeling Lost In Life? 7 Tips To Find Yourself Again

Are you at a point in life where everything appears to be good enough but you don’t feel happy? Or are you feeling completely lost in life and need some direction? If so, here is a simple 7-step exercise to help you gain clarity in your life. By the end of this exercise, you should have a list of things that’ll help you in identifying your life’s purpose.

Feeling lost can look like graduating from college and having no idea what your future holds. It can also look like having a well-paying job but being dissatisfied with your career.

If you’re feeling lost, know that it’s normal. And use this time to rediscover yourself and your life’s passion. This is your chance to learn new things, explore more, enjoy the freedom to experiment with your life and find a new path. Start by answering these questions to create a new self.

7 Questions To Ask Yourself

The answers you seek can be found within yourself. So, grab a journal and start answering these questions honestly.

Recognize that your answers will change over time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Focus on the changes you want to see in your life today, and come back to these questions whenever you are feeling lost.

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1. What Parts Of My Life Do I Dislike? In What Ways Have I Been Settling In life?

Change begins with awareness. Take a hard look at your life and make a list of everything you want to get rid of. You can include simple things like your eating habits, or time management skills. Other things, such as letting go of toxic friendships or recognizing the need to change your profession, might be more difficult to accept.

Next, identify the areas where you’re settling for what you have rather than having the courage to strive for more. Examine your relationships, friendships, and health, not just your career. Accepting ‘good enough’ signifies that you do not believe you deserve more. Because if you want, you can have it all.

Also, be gentle with yourself; this question is not intended to make you feel bad about your current situation. Often when we feel lost in our lives, it’s because we are doing things that we don’t find meaningful.

2. What Am I Afraid Of?

Sometimes you already know what you want and what makes you happy. But instead of following your dreams, you start listening to your fears. You may be afraid of being judged or of not being good enough. Recognize your fears and work to overcome them.

Are you seriously willing to give up on your dreams just because you’re scared? People will always have something to say, even if you follow the path they told you and live a mediocre life. It’s not your duty to please them.

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3. What Dreams Did I Have As A Child?

Think about what you wanted to be when you were a child. What your ‘dream life’ looked like before you got sucked into the ‘reality’ world.

As a child, we believe anything is possible and so we dream freely. You don’t filter your dreams.

Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

You don’t have to become that exactly, but think about the reasons why you wanted that. What did you love about that life? Maybe you wanted to be a teacher because you wanted to give back to people, you enjoy learning new things, or you like being a leader. Now, look for these qualities in the professions you want to pursue.

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4. What Am I Curious About And What Steps Can I Take To Feed That Curiosity?

Don’t follow your passion, follow your curiosity.

Aileen, Lavendaire

You might not know what you are passionate about, and that’s okay. This is why you need to start feeding your curiosities.

So, make a list of everything that piques your interest. And start learning more about them. You might not find your passion right away but,
a) You’ll learn new things and have new experiences.
b) You will feed your curiosity.
c) You will find your passion along the way.

These days, all you have to do is search the internet for a topic and you’ll get blogs, articles, videos, podcasts and books related to it. See what suits you. Maybe take online classes on skillshare. Go as far as you want

5. Who Are My Inspirations And Why?

You get inspired by people because you want to be like them. Make a list of your role models and the qualities you admire in them; like their kindness, work ethics, humor etc.

You like them because you want to incorporate some of their qualities or they seem relatable.

Find out these qualities and start incorporating them in your lifestyle. This exercise helps a lot in figuring out who you want to become as a person.

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6. Where Would I Want To Be If There Were No Limits?

Imagine what your dream life looks like…. what would you do if there was nothing holding you back?

Get into the details; the city you want to live in, your job, how many friends you have, what impact you want to make? Be as specific as possible. The more specific you are the easier it is for you to imagine that life. This is the technique of visualizing your dream life.

Do this is a journal or simply imagine while closing your eyes.

Now take parts of that life and see how you can include them in your life today. Start preparing for your future. I’m sure you want to be prosperous, so why not start honing your budgeting skills. Or you want to move to France; learning French is a good starting point.

7. Do I Need A Break?

Sometimes, when you have outworked yourself, you lose your sense of purpose and feel lost. Just take a break and relax. This helps you in gaining perspective and change your approach towards life.

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Take some time to pause and reset. Do some self-care, spend time with your family, go on a trip. This keeps you from getting exhausted and helps you recharge. 

When your days are jam-packed and you’re too busy working, you don’t leave room for new opportunities to present themselves. However, when you take some time off, travel, or get out of your comfort zone, you open the door to new ideas and opportunities in unexpected ways.

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How Do You Cope Up When You’re Feeling Lost?

Share your experiences in the comments below. I’d love to read it, and who knows, maybe your suggestions will help someone. Just remember that it’s okay if you’re feeling lost right now. This is the time to say yes to new experiences and make the most of them.

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