How To Start Living Intentionally And Stop Living On Autopilot

Intentional living starts with knowing what matters to you & what your priorities are. And then living a life that is intentionally in alignment with that.

It’s about living a fulfilled life, working on projects that excite you, and having deep meaningful relationships.

People have shifted from a ‘hustle mindset’ to a ‘living intentionally’ mindset in recent years. They’ve finally become exhausted from constantly chasing artificial goals.

“Every action has an impact, choose wisely the impact you want to have.”

Mindy Hall
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If you want to live a meaningful life, this is your beginner’s guide to intentional living.

Use this to lay the groundwork for your life, and figure out what practical steps you need to take to get there.

What Does Intentional Living Looks Like?

  • It looks like you knowing exactly what YOU want out of life.
  • Like you are living your dream, working on projects that help you serve your purpose.
  • It looks like you stopped living for the weekends.
  • It looks like having deep meaningful relationships. Whether you’re strengthening old bonds or forming new ones.
  • It looks like you know yourself better than anyone else and are not afraid to show your true personality.

It’s about changing your entire lifestyle for better.

book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

3 Stages to Living Intentionally

Here are the 3 stages to revamp your life and stop living on autopilot.

Stage 1. Define Yourself

It means defining who you are as a person. What do you like? What don’t you like? And the reasons behind your likes and dislikes? What motivates you? What piques your interest?

Pick up your journal and start answering these questions.

If you’re new to this concept, start by observing your feelings around people, places and activities. Notice the things that make you feel happy. And also the things that make you angry. Ask yourself why?

Core Values And Beliefs

Next, find your core values and belief systems that shape who you are. Ask yourself, What do you believe in? What matters the most to you? And why?

Everyone will have a different answer to these questions. While some people value freedom, others value love or service to others.

Don’t just look on the surface; dig deeper to find things you truly value.

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Reminder : Know that your core values and beliefs will shift over time as you mature. And that’s okay. That’s why it’s important to revisit these values on a regular basis.

Change them whenever you don’t feel aligned with your values.

When you know what matters the most to you, you can make better decisions. So, take some time to reflect on your values and why you hold them. This way you’ll stop letting your emotions control your decisions.

Stage 2: Set your Goals

What do you want out of life based on your values? To live an intentional life, you must set goals that are aligned with your values.

What kind of life do you want to live? Not what your parents want, not what your friends think of you, and not what society expects of you. Just think about what makes YOU happy?

Here’s a method I learned from Tony Robbins for setting clear life goals. So, imagine you’re five years from now and you’re living your BEST life, with everything you’ve ever wanted. What does it looks like? Be very specific while answering the following questions.

  • Which city are you living in? What does your house looks like?

Do you see yourself living in a big city, in the suburbs, or by the beach. Do you have a big house or a small cozy one.

  • What are the people around you like?

Are you closer to your old friends. Or you’ve some new friends in the neighborhood. How are your relations with your family and colleagues.

  • What does your work look like?

What do you do for a living, given that you’re living your best life? If you’re unsure, just focus on the feelings you want to feel while working on your dreams.

  • How’s your love life?

Have you found the one? Or you love being single!

  • How’s your health? What do you eat during the day? What kind of vehicle do you drive? Where do you spend your vacations?

And most importantly, observe how you feel. How do you feel about yourself and the life you’ve built?

Imagine every single aspect of that life and then derive your goals from it.

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Stage 3 : Taking Intentional Actions

Now that you know where you want to be in the next five years, you can easily figure out how to get there.

But more importantly, focus on who you have to become to achieve your goals. Take intentional actions. Every time you’re struggling to figure out if you’re taking right actions, ask yourself “Is this taking me closer to or further from my goals?”

Here are some habits that will help you start living intentionally.

1. Spend Time With Yourself

It would really help you to reduce the noise and spend time quietly with yourself. Practicing mindful activities like journaling and meditation can help.

2. Boost Your Creativity

Do more things that pique your interest. That is how you will discover your passion. Take out some time to intentionally pick up an old hobby or learn new ones.

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3. Walk Outside

Take some time in your day, preferably in the mornings, to spend some time in nature. Walks not only allow you to physically move your body and reap the benefits of exercise. It also allow you to slow down and appreciate the small things around you.

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4. Create Rest Rythms

Create routines that allow you to rest and recharge frequently. Include things in your day that make you happy, whether it’s talking to a friend, or simply cooking a meal.

Set aside a day each week to rest and do things that you enjoy. Instead of spending the entire day binge-watching Netflix. Find meaningful ways to bring happiness into your life. That’s what intentionality is about.

What Is Your Plan To Start Living Intentionally?

Comment below on how you intend to live intentionally. I’d also like to read about your five-year goals and how they relate to your values.

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