22 Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For New Year 2022

The new year is an excellent time to make a fresh start. A reason to approach your goals with a fresh perspective. And if you enjoy using bullet journals for this purpose, here are some bullet journal spread ideas to kick off the new year!

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However, you don’t have to wait until the first of the year to start a new bullet journal. You can start a new bullet journal at any time of year and use some of these bullet journal spread ideas.

The best part about bullet journaling is that you can tailor it according to your needs. Feel free to personalize your journal and create layouts that will help you achieve your goals.

Set clear goals, keep trackers, reminisce about memories, motivate yourself, and hold yourself accountable for your goals using your bullet journal spreads.

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BuJo Tools You’ll Need

Get ready with your bullet journal supplies before getting started. If you’re overwhelmed by the long list of journals and pens available in the market, here’s one with all the affordable bujo tools that work for me!

1. Bullet Journal

I use this simple Dotted Bullet Journal. The dotted sheets make drawing lines and dividing layouts easier. The pages are quite thick. It also has a small pocket on the back for storing loose items.

Other journals that I love . .

2. Pens

These micron pens are my all time favorite. I use them for headings and doodling. They come in different nib sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Highlighter

These Stabilo Swing Cool highlighter pack is a good save if you love adding a pop of colors to your bullet journal layouts. If you use lots of colors in your bullet journals, invest in a good set of highlighters.

People also love investing in these two sets.

4. Stickers

Adding stickers to layouts is the simplest way to make them more interesting. You can use this pack of 550+ bullet journal stickers.


Bujo template packs can save you a lot of energy and time, specially if you’re just getting started. Here, I created a bullet journal template pack with 35+ templates for you! You can download this for FREE here.

Must Have Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For 2022

Here are 22 ideas you need to include in your new year spread in 2022!

1. Goodbye 2021

Before starting a new chapter, it’s important to close the previous one. Create a layout that bids farewell to 2021. You can doodle about last year’s memories.

This bullet journal spread idea is more relevant if you’re continuing your new year spread in the last year’s bujo.

Here’s a countdown to 2022 bujo spread. As the new year approaches, check off each day!

You can download Bullet Journal templates for FREE here!

 bullet journal spread ideas
goodbye 2021, bullet journal ideas

2. Highlights From This Year

Don’t forget to look back at your year’s highlights. This includes your accomplishments, lessons, special moments, and so on.

Keep track of how far you’ve progressed on your 2021 goals. Crossing off your completed goals, will motivate you to set even higher goals for 2022! This will also assist you in gaining perspective because some of your goals will no longer be relevant.

Check out this memories page by bujo.by.filo!

memories page, bujo

Look back at your highlights from pevious year.

3. Hello 2022

Time to welcome new year in your bullet journal! This is a simple ‘Hello 2022!’ spread. This layout can be customized with quotes or doddles.

This page can also be combined with other ideas, such as a goals page or a future log page.

happy new year,  bullet journal spread ideas
2022,  bullet journal speads

4. Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For Your Goals

It’s very important to set clear goals at the start of the year. Make sure your goals are achievable and actionable. Here’s a monthly goal setting exercise for you.

Also, create a system to keep track of your goals. You don’t just have to write them once and forget about it for the rest of the year.

 bullet journal spread ideas
Via @art_n_foxes

You can also create a new year’s resolution page. Here are bullet journal ideas for 2022 goals.

new year resolutions, bullet journal spreads

5. Word Of The Year

Set a motto for this year. Simply choose a word or phrase that represents something you want to focus on this year. For example, gratitude, self care, or abundance etc.

This should be something that motivates you and will help you refocus on your goals whenever you become distracted. Keep this in the initial pages of your bujo to remind you of it every day.

Take inspiration from the following spread by amizaomar.

word of the year,  bullet journal spread ideas

You can also use a quote as your motto as done by @deavazra.

quotes page, bujo

Or create a vision board all together! I loved this one by miris.journal.

vision board,  bullet journal spread ideas

6. Year At A Glance

This is a classic bullet journal spread that will help you see your entire year in one glance. Then, make a list of all the birthdates, appointments, and important events.

You can create mini calendars for each month. Here’s a blog post to help you create a ‘year at a glance’ bullet journal spread.

future log bullet journal
Via art_n_foxes

7. January Cover Page

In a bullet journal, the start of a new month is marked by a monthly cover page. So, make a cover page for January.

Choose a theme for your first month. You can use stickers, quotes, doodles or a calendar for this spread.

january cover page, bullet journal spread ideas
Via bujo.by.filo

Get ready for your first month with this spread by artistnamedhelen.

new year bullet journal

8. Monthly Log

A monthly log is simply used to keep track of all the important events that occur during the month. You can also include your January goals here.

This blog explains how to create a monthly log in greater detail (for beginners).

january bullet journal
monthly log, bullet journal spread ideas
Via julies.paper.crafts

9. Bullet Journal Spread Ideas For Trackers

I’m sure you’re determined to create new habits this year. But if you want them to become a part of your lifestyle, it’s important to stay consistent with them. Use habit trackers to track that.

habit tracker,  bullet journal spread ideas
Via bujobyjennie

This applies to all of your objectives. Create mood trackers, finance tracker, health and fitness tracker, or other goal-specific trackers to hold you accountable.

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finance tracker, bullet journal ideas
Via deavazra

10. One Line Per Day

If you don’t want to do a rigorous diary entry everyday, create this simple layout. Here, you only need to write one line per day.

This could be to document what happened each day. You can also write down what you’re grateful for each day or one affirmation for the day. Really, do what you feel like.

one line a day
Via plslars
one line a day
Via sunshine_journal

Are You Ready For 2022 Using Bullet Journal Spread Ideas?

Comment below your favorite ideas from this list. And don’t forget, bullet journaling is all about adding your own touch to these layouts!

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