15 February Bullet Journal Themes That Aren’t Just Hearts

Do you want to create an appealing February Bullet Journal spread without wasting much time, or maybe you just need some new ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 simple, creative and unique February Bullet Journal Ideas for you!

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After the euphoria of January and new year wears off, February seems pretty . . . irrelevant. But it’s important to remember that you still have time to cope up with your new year goals!

Here are 21+ bullet journal page ideas for New Year 2022!

February is definitely called the ‘month of love’. But that doesn’t mean you have to fill your spread with little hearts, love letters, and other mushy items.


That is why, here I’ve included lots of themes centered around postcards, flowers, clouds and other ideas. And maybe a few hearts (ofc, lol).

What Does February Mean To You?

Answer this question first before proceeding. Maybe February is your birthday month, you’re excited for an upcoming trip, or you’re focusing on your health this month.

The answers will help you personalize your bullet journal spread and be more intentional about it. Instead of just using a theme you find interesting.

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15 February Bullet Journal Ideas

Here’s a list of ideas to get started. This list includes February Cover Pages, Monthly Log, Quotes Page and Trackers.

I’ve also included the tools used to create these spreads to make the process a whole lot EASIER FOR YOU!

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1. Crystals

Here’s a crystal themed February Bullet Journal idea. The various shades of purple and pink really bring the spread to life.

You can create it using Tomboy Dual Markers and this pen for outlining the crystals.

2. Letters

This is such a cute letters and postcards themed spread. If you’re bored of the conventional pink theme for February, try this idea.

Here also the Tomboy Dual Markers are used along with midliner pens.

3. Flowers

Here’s another unique February Bullet Journal Idea. The floral border here binds the spread together.

These Archer and Olives Acrylographs pens are used for this spread.

4. Bubblegum

This spread is themed around bubblegum as the picture suggest. I really loved this cute bubblegum machine doodle.

Kailynn also used Archer and Olives Acrylographs pens here.

5. Pets

Don’t you think of your pets every time you hear ‘love’? That’s what this quote page represents!

6. Mood Tracker

Remember to include a mood tracker in your February Spread. Take a cue from this heart-shaped mood tracker.

Create this using Tomboy Dual Markers and a micron pen.

7. Monthly Log

Here’s a February bullet journal idea for your monthly log.

Barbara used a pink midliner pen and a bright pink gelly roll pen for this spread.

8. Aesthetics

The simplest way to create an aesthetic bullet journal cover is paper layering. Use this pack of 200 vintage stickers to create a similar spread.

9. Gray Whether

This one is themed ‘gray whether’ to match the February vibes.

She created a water color effect with Tomboy Dual Brush Pens and water.

10. Minimal

I love the aesthetics of this spread, which was created by simply collaging a few stickers.

The girl sticker in this spread is from aprilannarts. Use these washi tapes and you’re good to go!

11. Plants

This February bullet journal idea is themed ‘succulent plants’. Use green colored Tomboy Brush Pens and a circular stencil to create this spread.

12. Fiction

If you’re confident in your artistic abilities, definitely give this idea a try. This is a stunning ‘Alice in the wonderland’ February Cover Page.

13. Crystals again

Here’s another crystal themed February bullet journal idea. In all honesty, this one is made in procreate but you can try something similar with your Tomboy Dual Brush Pens.

14. Fishes

Here is a Japanese fish themed cover page. This can be done using archer and olive dotted notebook and Tomboy Dual Brush Pens

15. Favorite Song

This concept was inspired by Lostboycrow’s song “candy wine.” And it screams “Valentine’s Day”!

Use Archer and Olives Acrylographs pens and washi tapes to complete this spread.

What About You?

Despite the fact that most of the February themes scream ‘hearts,’ I’ve tried to include a lot of unique theme ideas in this list.

I hope you found some inspiration to create your own beautiful spreads. Mention in the comments down below which idea would you love to recreate?

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