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15 Life Changing Self Development Skills To Learn In Your 20s

Here’s a list of 15 self development skills that you need to learn in your 20s to build a strong personality!

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self development skills

Self development skills really help you enhance your personality.

Have you ever looked at someone and felt like they own the room, but not in a rude way? Whether it’s their confidence, intellect, or something you can’t quite put your finger on.

You might believe that some people are born with skills, like confidence, and you can’t have them. And I just want to mention this in the beginning, that that’s not true.

All these self development skills can be learned and honed. It’s like building a muscle. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

And learning them in your 20s can really make a significant impact on your life. You’ll start noticing the difference once you start building these self development skills.

15 Amazing Self Development Skills To Learn RN!

1. Being a Good Reader

There is so much wisdom in this world. And you can access most of it through books. It’s a smart move, to learn from the other people’s experiences and make them work for you, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Reading Self development books, especially, teaches you a lot about the concepts of life that most people aren’t even aware of. I always say, ‘If you read a good self help book, your life is forever changed.’

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2. Actually Listen

There’s always sooo much you can learn if you just start listening more. Most people listen to reply, not to understand.

“You should listen twice as much as you speak”

When you stop talking and start listening, people start opening up to you. You become more open minded, a good conversationalist, and honestly, just learn how to deal with people.

Which, btw, is a huge professional development skills to acquire in your 20s.

And having good relationships is not just a skill that’ll help you in your business, but also in life.

personal development skills list

3. Abundance Mindset

Most of us are not good with money. And we’re always told ‘Money is scarce or evil. And the only way to make more money is to save more money

If only we could get any farther from the truth! *facepalm*

The longer you live with these thoughts, the harder your relationship with money is going to be! And none of us wants that, right?

So, it’s important to start learning this self development skills right now!

Here are some money books are going to make you so much $$$.

4. ROI is Key

Roi basically means the return you’re getting on the investment you’re making – whether it’s in terms of money or time. Mastering this self development skills will make you a lot of money.

For eg; Spending time to go on a run will give your more Roi (in terms of better health) than spending 3 hrs researching the best running shoes.

Similarly in terms of money!

Being smart while investing your time and money and understanding ROI is a huge professional development skills to master.

5. Cultivating A Growth Mindset

If you want to constantly improve in life, you need to learn and develop your mind as well.

A lot of people have the ‘I can’t learn and grow, now that I’m out of college’ mindset. This fixed mindset stifles your growth and keeps you trapped in the same kind of life you’re currently living.

There’s so much knowledge in the world, that you can always find something to learn and grow from.

6. Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness basically refers to your ability to find resources and seek solution to your problems.

We have a LOT of resources available to us now. Still, most people don’t know how to access these resources when they’re having trouble.

When you encounter a problem, you immediately go into panic mode. And that takes away your ability to come up with smart solutions. Or you start relying on others to solve your problems.

This self development skills will help you become a powerful leader that people trust.

7. Being a Visionary

professional development skills

To live a big life, you need to first, dream big. Most people, by the age of 25, give up on their dreams and settle for the life they have. That will only get you so far!

You need to be someone who believes in their vision when no one else does. Elon musk believed that a car like Tesla could be made, when all his team engineers doubted him!

Epic Life List

One way to start practicing it is, creating an epic life list. Basically, make a phone bucket list of everything you want in life. And imagine what it would feel like to have them, everyday.

This may sound silly but trust me, this self development skills will set you apart from others.

8. Self confidence

Contrary to what everyone believes, self confidence is a skill you can acquire and master, not something that you’re just born with.

And being self confident in your 20s will allow you to follow your passion, not settle for half ass relationships, grab better opportunities and give a good direction to your life.

Here are 8 tips to increase your self confidence and self love.

9. Learning to sit with yourself

Our generation’s biggest problem is that we get bored far too easily. We need to be constantly distracted by a friend, work, or our phones.

When was the last time you spent time with yourself?

personal development skills list

That’s why learning to sit comfortably by yourself without being distracted is a very important skill to learn because,

a) You learn to enjoy your own company, improve your relationships, and get rid of the unnecessary friendships.

b) It helps you slow down and process your thoughts and opens your mind to new ideas.

10. Seek Discomfort

Your 20s is the time when you go all in! Wanna start a new business? Do it! Wanna move out of your home town? Do it! Wanna drop everything and travel the world? Do it!

You’re sparing yourself a life of regret and “what ifs.”

Of course, you need to stay safe. But you should always be seeking ways to get outside of your comfort zone. Because that’s where growth lies!

personal development skills list

11. Build Resilience

The ability to be resilient is a self development skills everyone should learn. It refers to your ability to recover after a setback.

The thing is, good things and bad things are going to happen, that’s life! That’s why building resilience will help you get back on your foot after that phase.

12. Self awareness

Self awareness is the first step to self improvement. Most people have no idea what they’re thinking and feeling about themselves and their surroundings.

No wonder they’re unable to change their lives.

Take a day or two to really start observing your thoughts on everything. You’ll find so many thoughts that you’d had no idea you were having.

Try answering these self awareness journal prompt.

13. Having a neutral bias

This might be a hard self development skills to acquire. But once you develop it, your entire world will change.

I learned this from my coach and I’m still working on it!

Start having a neutral bias towards things. Nothing is intrinsically good or bad. It all comes down to the stories we tell about that person/situation/thing.

We’ve become so judgmental these days. Judging people we haven’t ever met. That’s why developing this skill might need a hard reset.

Try this: Every time you see yourself judging someone (or something) this week, make yourself list 3 good things about them.

14. Flex simplicity

I’m not sure who told us that ‘You need to struggle your way to success’. But I sure as hell know that, now’s not the time to believe in that.

Try to keep things as simple as possible. A lot of times, this mentality of ‘good things need to come hard’ results in ‘self sabotage’.

Life is hard as it is! And you’re going to face challenge along the way. So, you don’t need to make things harder than they’re supposed to be. That’s not helping anyone.

Watch this free workshop on ‘7 keys to make your life simpler and a lot more fun’ to learn how to simplify your life instead of sabotaging your success.

15. Romanticize Your Life

It’s your life and you should be the ‘main character’. So, whatever makes you believe it, do that!

Most of us are focused on everything that’s going wrong. You need to spend more time to intentionally do things that make you fall in love with your life.

Whether that means getting ready every single day, taking pictures of everything, going to your favorite coffee shop, or having a solo lunch date, you do you!

Cara Awyll explains this concept beautifully in her book ‘The Champagne Diet’

This is a list of 15 self development skills that you need to learn in your 20s to build a strong personality!

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