how to plan your day to be productive

How To Plan Your Day To Be Productive (10 Genius Tips)

This blog post is all about how to plan your day to be productive. These 10 genius tips will save you soo much time!

how to plan your day to be productive

Do you ever feel like you’ve been working all day but aren’t getting anywhere?

I mean, we’re all busy these days! Because a lot of times, we’re focused more on doing the busy work instead of actually being productive. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to plan your day to be productive.

Planning your days makes you intentional with the time you’re spending on each task. Otherwise, we spend majority of our time putting out fires all day.

So, here’s 10 tried and tested tips on how to plan your day to be productive. Including a few insane productivity hacks that are no one tells you about!

How to plan your day to be productive

#1 Tip : Plan your day in advance

Most people overlook this important tip. And that’s why I decided to discuss this before getting to other daily planning tips.

To plan your day in advance, instead of just sticking to making to-do lists every morning.

The thing is, our brains are inherently lazy (yep, it’s not just your fault!) And so when you start planning every morning, your brain tries to pick the most effortless task to do instead of working on priorities

Your brain is in the ‘I’ll do it later’ phase.

how to plan your day to be productive

That’s why it’s better to schedule your tasks weekly. This way, you can see exactly what you need to do each day and avoid missing any deadlines.

Inside the course, Take Your Weekends Back, I’m giving you the exact tips that’ll help you get more done in 5 days than most people do in a month.

Daily planning tips

Here are 10 genius daily planning tips that will make your days far more productive. Keep them in mind the next time you create a plan.

1. Know what time of the day is most productive

You can’t expect to work at the same level all day. Observe and know what time of the day works best for you, and do the most important tasks at that time.

Whether you have more energy in the morning or can focus much better later in the day.

2. Prioritize

This tip alone will make your days so much more productive. We’re mostly in a habit of doing the busy work, i.e. working on things that are not getting you closer to your goals.

Choose at least 3 priorities every day – things that will actually move the needle forward. And start each day focused on getting these 3 tasks done first.

3. How much time will each task take

Don’t overschedule yourself. There’s no way you can get 15 hrs of work done in 8 hrs. So, know how much time each task on your list is going to take. And tackle them accordingly.

In fact, things usually take longer than we expect them to take. That’s why having a tight schedule can mess things up.

4. Start the morning right

The answer to how to plan your day to be productive lies in your mornings. How you spend your first waking hour really determines how the rest of your day is gonna go!

Create a morning routine that leaves you motivated and energized for the day. Even if it just includes a 10 minute walk.

daily planning tips

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5. Don’t work all day

You work more efficiently when you have deadlines! I wrote 6 emails in just 2 hrs yesterday because I had to get out of the house by 12pm, when I usually take 1 hr to write a single mail.

One way to create this urgency is by creating office hours. You can only work during those office hours and after that your laptops are shutting down!

This allows your brain to focus on doing the important tasks first instead of having the ‘I’ll do this later’ attitude.

6. Have a focus time

It’s hard for your brain to have a 100% focus for 6 hrs straight. That’s why it’s better to create pockets of focus time during the week.

Whether it’s 1 hr every day or 3 hrs a week, have focus time blocks in your routine. Nothing and no one has access to you during this time! And you’ll be able to get so much done in little time.

7. Schedule time for rest and fun

Create a good vibes list of all the little things that bring you joy. For eg: you morning coffee, playing with your pet, going on a walk etc. And include as many things from this list to your days as possible.

Also, intentionally make time for rest in your days! Life isn’t just about finishing your to-do lists. Taking regular breaks to rest, actually makes you even more productive.

8. Task batching

Batching similar tasks together gets you in a state of flow and you’re able to get more things done. So, instead of checking your inbox every hour, it’s better to assign your mornings to check and respond to emails.

You can also theme your days; i.e. on Mondays you’re doing admin stuff, Tuesdays are for creation and so on!

9. Keep it flexible

The biggest problem that people face while planning is they don’t keep a flexible schedule. Here’s the thing, planning helps you be more intentional with your time and actions.

But life is still gonna happen. Your friend might just ask for your urgent help in the middle of the day. And that’s okay! Don’t make it mean that you weren’t productive that day.

Take those tasks and assign them to another day. Have a flexible schedule.

Here’s a free workshop on ‘7 keys to simplify your life and make it more fun’ for you to create daily plans and routines in a way that’s simple and insanely fun!

daily planning tips

10. Analyze your results

Here’s something that not a lot of people tell you. “All of our lives are different. And a plan that works for me, might not exactly work for you.”

You need to test and analyze different methods to figure out what works best for your lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to sit down at the end of every week and analyze. Here are a few things to check on:

  1. The tasks that you got done and what helped you
  2. The tasks that you didn’t get done and how can you improve that

How To Plan Your Day To Be Productive W/ Free productivity apps

1. Google Calendar

It’s the OG free productivity app that you need to start using today if you want to increase your productivity. There’s so much to do in google calendars, using even 20% of it will make you feel so much more organized.

My favorite part is that you can integrate different calendars and view them separately.

2. Freedom App

free productivity apps

If your main reason for unproductivity are the notifications that keep popping up on your phone and laptop screens, freedom app will save you so much time!

This free productivity app blocks all the notifications from your phone and laptop, so you can finally have your focus time.

3. Notion

free productivity apps

Notion is the most popular free productivity app these days. And it is hands down the best life organization tool. You can organize everything, from your life goals to your trips to daily to-dos to your resumes, inside Notion.

Note : All these apps can be a little overwhelming. So it’s best if you keep it simple in the beginning.

This blog post is all about how to plan your day to be productive. These 10 genius tips will save you soo much time!


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