Evening Routine Checklist

Best Evening Routine Checklist For Busy Adults To Relax & Unwind

Here’s the ultimate evening routine checklist to help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

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Evening Routine Checklist

Having an evening routine can be crucial, maybe even life changing! Specially if you’re going through an overwhelming phase at work.

Here’s the ultimate after-work evening routine checklist that’ll allow you to relax your heart out while also prepare for the next day. If you’re looking to have a balanced evening routine, it can’t get better than this!

A lot of people don’t realize that your 9-5 after your 5-9 are equally important. Maybe even more. Because if you don’t unwind and disconnect after work, it’s gonna hamper your productivity the next day.

Sure, it might be tempting to just scroll through tiktok, or kick back with a drink after work. But sometimes it does more harm than good – leading to anxious nights and stressful mornings.

A soothing evening routine allows you to add balance to your life without having to wait for the weekends!

This evening routine checklist is not another task on your to-do list, it’s a way to genuinely help you relax and stay organized.

From cleaning your desk to getting a good night sleep, this checklist has got you covered.


1. clean your desk

Start with cleaning your desk because you don’t wanna come back to a disorganized desk tomorrow.

It impacts your productivity more than you think! I mean, it’s impossible to focus, if you have sticky notes and paper piles lying around.

And the worst part? You’re not able to find the things that you actually wanna use!

Cleaning your desk will hardly take 5 mins of your time. Just put everything back to it’s place before getting up from work.

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2. De-stress walks

I’ve recently discovered the magic of after work walks.

It’s literally the best way to get out of your head, stop thinking about work and start enjoying the evening routine.

It perfectly marks in my head that ‘Okay, the work day is done. And evening chill time has started.’ Which honestly sitting and scrolling through tiktok does not do for me!

Simply put on your favorite podcast, comfy shoes and head out for a walk.

It is also beneficial because you’re staring at your laptops all day, this helps you get some movement in while enjoying outside time.

Hot Girl Walk Essentials

They’re literally so comfy!

3. hobby Hour To add some fun

What’s one thing that you truly enjoy? Spend some time doing that.

Your hobby will help you relax while also energizing you, if that makes sense!

Use this time to build yourself and get better at your skills. Whether you want to rekindle with an old hobby or pick up a new one.

I usually spend this time doing fun tasks for my blog, like creating printables!

And since it’s something that you actually love, it won’t feel like actual ‘work-work’, and more like ‘fun-work’.

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4. connect with your loved one

It doesn’t have to be a separate point, you can include your family in your hobby hour as well. And do fun stuff like gardening, or crafting together.

But I’ve mentioned it separately because it’s so important.

And often as a working woman, you might not get enough time to connect with your loved ones! You’re constantly sitting in front of your laptop, possibly working from home, devoid of human contact all day.

Which is why it’s so important to intentionally spend time with family and friends in your evening routine checklist. It brings a sense of belonging, love and gratitude.

5. have a healthy dinner

I know this is the last thing you want to do after an exhausting work day.

But don’t cave into the temptation of ordering in, it’s no good for anyone! It’s not healthy and a waste of money.

Instead, cook a healthy, light weight meal. Or if you have leftovers, heat them up.

Just put on your comfy show in the background, and ask your partner to be a part of your dinner routine, to make it more fun!

You can also use #tip 14 in the morning routine checklist for adults, to help you prepare a slow cooker dinner as a part of your morning routine.

So by the time you come home from work, your dinner is ready!

6. do nothing. literally.

Seriously, just have a slot of time where you’re supposed to do nothing and just sit and relax, whatever that looks like for you!

Whether you want to play with your pet, talk to your friends, watch real housewives, scroll through tiktok or do a puzzle, it’s all valid.

This is also important to add to your evening routine checklist because, doing things that are on the checklist (no matter how fun they are) still feel like a rule you’ve got to follow.

At least, that’s how it feels to me. So, having some time where I can do ‘nothing’ is kinda refreshing.

7. disconnect

This is probably one of the things on your evening routine checklist that you don’t want to do.

But keeping your phone away at least 1 hr before sleep can do wonders.

It’ll help you sleep better, protect your eyes, lower stress and anxiety before sleep and calm your mind down.

Scrolling through your phone at night only results in you staying up past your sleep time and wanting to hit snooze in the morning.

Keep your phone on the other side of the room. And use an actual alarm clock to set the alarms.

If you’re a heavy sleeper, this sunrise alarm clock will help you wake up more naturally.

8. Quick prep for the next day

This would hardly take 15 mins of your time but would make you feel so organized and prepared in the morning.

Here are some things you should definitely do :

  • Make your to-do list the night before

This helps you go to bed knowing exactly what your next day’s going to look like, helps you be prepared and wake up the next day with the right mindset.

  • Put your workout clothes out

This will serve as your visual reminder in the morning to get in your workout clothes and give you one less excuse for not hitting the gym.

  • Keep a water bottle on the bedside

Because the first thing you should do in the morning is drink water and hydrate.

  • Pick your clothes for tomorrow

One less thing to do tomorrow! And would help you look more put together.

9. Pick a cozy read

Now that you’ve disconnected and prepared for the day, it’s time to start your wind down routine in the evening routine checklist.

I find reading as the best way to relax and to just forget about your to-dos for a while.

In fact, reading a cozy fiction would transport you to a different world and slowly doze off.

I usually love reading thrillers, but honestly, they’re not the best pick for night time haha. Here are some of my recent cozy reads you should definitely try :

10. reflect on the day

Journaling in general can be a very calming activity. Just dumping all your thoughts on paper can help you process them better and feel much lighter.

But doing it with the intention of reflecting on your days can be such a game changer!

It’ll actually help you boost your productivity as well.

Simply take 5 minutes to answer these questions :

  • What went right today?
  • What didn’t go as plan?
  • How can you improve today?
  • 3 things you’re grateful for.

This is help you learn from your experiences and improve at least 0.1% everyday.

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11. Looong relaxing shower + Skincare

How can you completed an evening routine checklist without adding skincare!

Now, I’m no beauty expert but these are the products I use for my night time skin care if I’m feeling extra fancy.

Otherwise, I simply wash and cleanse my face, and moisturize.

And if it has been a really looong day, there’s nothing better than taking a long relaxing bubble bath.

Lit a candle, drop your bath bombs and wash the day off.

One thing that has definitely change my bath game is this bathtub tray! Trust me, you need this if you love taking bubble baths.

12. have an 8-hr sleep

Get in your comfy pajamas, cuddle with your pet, set tomorrow’s alarms, and put the lights out.

Just make sure that you’re at least getting your 8 hrs of sleep.

I recently heard on a podcast that the #1 thing that impacts your focus and productivity is, not your phone, but the amount of sleep you’re getting.

Can you believe it? So make sure you’re getting your 8 hrs.

Also, if you find it hard to get up in the morning without feeling cranky, get a natural alarm clock.

It gradually increases light in your room and uses natural sounds to wake you up, making the process a whole lot easier.

This post is all about the ultimate evening routine checklist to help you relax and unwind after a busy day.

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