Valentine gift ideas for bf

25 Amazing Valentine Gift Ideas For Bf That He’ll Actually Use

This post is all about 25 Valentine gift ideas for bf that he’ll be obsessed with!

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Valentine gift ideas for bf

Getting a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend can be really hard. Because guys are always on the “You don’t have to get anything for me, babe!” train. But you know, the cliché romantic gifts will not impress them. You need to get something they’ll actually use for months to come.

I’ve been through this dilemma multiples times over the years, and thankfully, have found some gifts that my boyfriend is obsessed with! Whether you want to gift a practical gift that he can use everyday, or something funny that’ll crack him up when he opens it, this list has it all.

From gifts that are boyfriend approved to things that are currently popular among men. Here’s a list of 25 valentine gift ideas for bf that’ll get the “Omg! How’d you know I want that?” reaction. 😉

25 valentine gift ideas for bf

1. Freezing Whiskey Glass so he never has to drink warm whiskey

If your boyfriend is a whiskey drinker, he’d be obsessed with this valentine day gift for bf. You know all the conversations that can start over a drink. So, this way his drink will stay cold and he won’t have to dilute it with ice every 15 minutes.

Host also has freezing beer and martini glasses, if that’s more his thing.

2. scratch off world map for adventure lover

If your boyfriend is an adventure lover, it’ll be a great gift. It’s the perfect way to showcase his adventures by scratching off all the countries he has visited. Or to plan your next trip.

And it’ll also look good if you hang it on your drawing room wall, unlike all the other options out there.

3. record player because they’re so trendy right now

One for the trendy & artist boyfriend! Record players are becoming a thing again. My boyfriend has already asked me to gift this. And these ones look so classy as a décor piece – especially the color options available here.

They also have Bluetooth connectivity so you don’t have to worry about getting vinyl for all your favorite songs. And they’re also so reasonable for the sound quality they provide.

4. drunk stoned or stupid cards that’ll make him a fun host

If your boyfriend always has friends over, this is the perfect valentine day gift for bf. These cards are a little version of “Who’s most likely to?”. They’re not as extreme, and will definitely add some laughter & spice to your party! 😉

5. beard grooming Kit that every man needs

If your guy has a beard, or is growing one, he’s already eyeing this pack. Beards have been trending for a few years now, so this one had to be on the list of valentine gift ideas for bf.

One of my guy friends got this for him 3 months ago, and has been raving ever since. These products actually work!

6. Sports wear so you can steal them later

Guys are obsessed with sports hoodies, especially representing their favorite teams. Even if your guy is not much into sports, he’d still love adding these to his wardrobe. And you can always steal them to wear later 😉

If you know his favorite team, get their merch. Here are some ideas to get you going.

7. coach wallet because you know he needs a wallet upgrade

Coach wallets have been the perfect gifting option for the longest time. I mean, you can tell that they’re of great quality by their trendiness.

And guys usually buy a wallet and use it until it’s all torn, so they’ll definitely appreciate this upgrade.

8. Temperature control mug for the guy who forgets about his coffee in between work

So that your coffee never gets cold in between the hour long zoom meetings. If your boyfriend is too busy at work to focus on coffee or food, this is the perfect solution for him.

You can keep your coffee at a specific temperature as you like. Honestly, you can even think of getting this one for yourself.

9. portable charging station for the guy who’s phone is always dying

My boyfriend is always running on 5% battery, no matter what. So, I figured this would be the perfect valentines gift ideas for bf who always forget to charge their phones.

This 3-in-1 charger will keep his phone, iwatch, and earphones all at 100%. And there’s no green light flashing in your eyes, so you can place them on charge at night while enjoying your sleep.

10. ugg slippers that are so comfy he’ll wear them everyday

Looking for a budget friendly valentine gift ideas for bf? Ugg slippers are IT. They’re the perfect gift for under $100. And also feel so luxurious. These are the perfect cozy slippers he’d wear all the time.

11. Bluetooth beanie for the introvert boyfriend

This is such a cool idea. If your boyfriend loves to listen to music while working, or exercising, or doing daily chores, this bluetooth beanie would be an amazing gift. And it works exactly as they say.

Pro tip, if the led blinking on the side of the beanie bother you, just place a black tape on top of it and it’ll solve your problem.

12. tile key finder to keep him kinda organized

Is he always loosing his keys, tv remote, wallet? Honestly, a lot of us fall in this category. This tile Bluetooth trackers will literally save his life. You can keep them in your wallet or as your keychain and just track them via your phone.

They might not be the most aesthetic looking, but these are the best ones out there.

13. fitbit For the fitness freaks

A must have for the fitness freaks. If he loves going on walks, or to the gym, this will be so useful for him. Definitely one of the valentine gift ideas for bf that he’ll end up using multiple times in a day.

And if he’s just trying to get back on track, completing those 10k steps is going to be a huge motivation.

14. 5-ingredient cookbook so he doesn’t eat scrambled eggs everyday

Guys who can cook are automatically hot! And cooking scrambled eggs doesn’t count, lol. But not everyone has this skill. Here’s an awesome 5 ingredient cookbook to get him started. Or to save him from burning the kitchen down when you’re not around.

15. back massager – an adulting essential lol

Nobody told me that adulting looked like always complaining about backaches! I mean, it comes with the constantly sitting on the desk work-life. So, here’s a practical valentine day gift for bf that might not say “I love you” but will definitely say “I care about you”.

16. air fryer so he doesn’t feel AS guilty for his junk food cravings

My boyfriend got this air fryer last year and he’s obsessed with it. So, I think it’s safe to say that this is a boyfriend approved gift; specially for guys who love to cook.

Air fryers are so easy to use, save so much time and are a healthier alternative to all your unhealthy craving.

17. every guy wants these Virtual reality headset

Is your boyfriend always wish listing every new tech product in the market? Then this Meta Quest Vr is definitely something he’s eyeing. Trust me, he’s gonna play games on it for hours.

If you don’t have a budget constraint, then this valentines gift ideas for bf is the best option.

18. beer holders that’ll keep his drink fizzy and cold till the last drop

At first, I thought this is just another gimmick from Yeti. But I got it for fun for my bf on Christmas and he loves it. Yk, beers are no good once they’re hot and flat.

And these yeti beer holders keep your last drink as good as your first!

19. swoon worthy perfume fragrance

You can never go wrong with a perfume. One of my guy friends recently got this Ford Noir perfume and everyone kept complimenting this scent.

And the packaging also looks classy, which makes it the perfect last minute solution for valentine day gift for bf.

And it’s also important to gift a perfume that looks cute, unlike most good ones out there.

20. waterproof Bluetooth speakers for the bathroom singers

Who doesn’t listen to music while taking a shower? I think everyone does. But managing your phone or speakers to stay away from water is a TASK.

These waterproof speakers are meant for this. There are a lot of other ones on amazon, but these are the ones with best sound quality and ease to use so far.

21. Bed table if he’s working from home(basically, bed)

If your boyfriend is working from home, chances are, he’s spending most of his time on bed or on the couch. And that’s why they NEED this laptop bed table tray.

Because it’s so inconvenient to work on a laptop sitting in your thighs. And the best part about this particular table is that you can adjust the angle as well. I swear, he’s going to thank you everyday for this valentine gift ideas for bf.

22. toilet golf because why not!?

This is such a funny gift. If you love goofing around your boyfriend, this one’s for you. But seriously, what do guys do in the washroom for so looong?

If you actually end up adding this to your washroom, all your guests are going to have a good laugh while using the loo, and might as well end up playing some rounds.

23. Date ideas deck so you don’t spend your date nights arguing about what to do?

It’s so hard to come up with date ideas. And as much as you’d love your boyfriend to plan a date, this responsibility always comes back to you. Because same!

That’s why these date night cards are the perfect gift. For the boyfriend who’s got no date ideas. You can also use them to plan some spontaneous dates, or take turns.

24. Portable fireplace that makes the perfect aesthetics

If your boyfriends loves the cozy vibes, but doesn’t have a fireplace in his house. Or maybe don’t live in an area where fireplaces are as common (Like mine, it only gets cold for 3 months!), this portable fireplace would be the perfect addition.

Plus the design is so elegant, I want to add this piece to my coffee table asap. Trust me, your boyfriend would keep bragging about it all the time.

25. make your own Cocktail for the party enthusiast

This would be such an awesome edition to your home bar! A DIY cocktail section. So, you can actually enjoy Margaritas and Long islands without having to go to the club every time.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this make your own whiskey kit will also be great. And something he’d proudly show off to his friends.

This post is all about 25 Valentine gift ideas for bf that he’ll be obsessed with!

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