self care gift ideas for moms

22 Self Care Gift Ideas For Moms That’ll Make Her Emotional

This post is all about self care gift ideas for moms that are guaranteed to melt her heart!

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self care gift ideas for moms

Moms are the first ones to need self care and the last ones to think about it!

Which is why self care gifts for mom are the perfect mother’s day gift idea. You get to show her how much you care and she gets some much-needed pampering.

And when I say self-care, I mean thoughtful self care gift ideas for moms that go beyond face masks and makeup. Gifts that show that you made an effort, even tho you just scrolled through this amazing gift guide 😉

Here are 22 best self care gift ideas for moms that are guaranteed to melt her heart!

Top Gifts For Mom

Best Overall : Barefoot Dreams Blanket

“I love this blanket and totally embarrassed at how many I own! Worth every penny.”

Best Gift for Mental Self Care: 5 Minute Journal

“My mental health has never been better.”

Most Useful Gift For Moms : Kindle PaperWhite

“Reading has never been more convenient.”

Best Gift For Physical Self Care : Personalized Skincare & Haircare Products

“It’s a miracle for my hair!”

Unique Self Care Gift For Mom : Eye Massager

“It definitely makes me feel relaxed, not only in the eyes but the entire body.”

Self Care Gift Ideas For Moms

1. 5 minute journal For Stress Free Days

The 5 minute journal is getting so popular these days and it’s truly life changing! It’s the ideal mother’s day gift idea for busy moms because it only takes 5 minutes and will help her clear her mind and start the day fresh.

2. Oil Diffusers to make her home smell all cozyy

Oil Diffuser makes a great gifts for mom! Most of the generic ones look super ugly but this Ceramic oil diffuser is so gorgeous, she won’t mind leaving it out for display.

3. Paired with the best essential oils

Pair the diffuser up with an essential oil pack. This mom’s set literally filled with fragrances that remind you of mom’s house. And goes perfectly as a mother’s day gift idea. My favorite is the Café Mocha one!

4. Kindle paperwhite so she can Conveniently read before sleep

self care gift ideas for moms, kindle

If your mom’s a book lover, you can’t find a better gift for her than a kindle. I was so hesitant about getting a kindle because I love physical books more, but with this Kindle paperwhite I hardly felt any difference.

Trust me, she’ll end up carrying this around everywhere, haha.

5. Gardening bag to keep her gardening tools organized

self care gift ideas for moms, gardening bag

Gardening is another great self care activity that has gotten so popular in the last few years. If your mom’s into gardening, this gardening bag is the mother’s day gift idea that she needs!

It’s long lasting and will keep her gardening tools insanely organized.

6. These anti fatigue Kitchen standing mat

This anti fatigue kitchen mats can be a game changer! Specially for mom who suffer from back pain because of standing in the kitchen for long hours.

It focuses on the ergonomics hence reducing discomfort in your knees and back while standing.

7. press on nails for her at home manicure sessions

The perfect self care night activity! Press on nails usually look fake and get off pretty easily, but not the imPRESS ones. They look pretty real and last for weeks.

8. a comfy bathrobe she’ll want to live in

This barefoot dreams bathrobe is so comfy, your mom would live in it! It honestly makes you feel like you’re in a spa. It’s one of the perfect self care gift ideas for moms that she’ll always use.

9. A funny candle with the perfect message 😉

If you want to gift something that’d get a laugh while also being practically useful, these candles are it. My friend’s mom loved these and laughed so hard when she got them as a gift.

10. The classy candle Wick set

These golden candle twicks are beyond anything I’ve seen. They look so classy, like you can use them as home décor, lol. If your mom’s a candle lover, she’s gonna love this mother’s day gift idea.

11. The Barefoot Dreams blanket kardashians love!

self care gift ideas for moms

The ultra famous “Kardashian blanket”! But honestly, this blanket is so soft and comfy, that your mom will for sure feel like she’s sitting in a Beverly hills hotel.

12. personalized skincare & haircare gifts for mom

self care gift ideas for moms

What could be a more meaningful gift than this? Personalized skincare and haircare products made specially for your mom.

Yep, function of beauty is killing it with the personalized products. You just need to take a quiz on your skin/hair goals, and they’ll curate products specially made for you!

13. Coffee warmer for moms who forget about their coffee in between calls

gifts for mom

I swear this coffee warmer has single handedly made my work days better. If you have a working mom, this is the perfect self care gift ideas for moms.

This way her coffee won’t get cold in between the never ending zoom calls! And she’ll thank you for that.

14. The perfect mindful activity

1000 peice Puzzle

paint by numbers

Gift her the perfect self care activity to relax and wind down! I’m sure she’s never done paint by numbers or a puzzle before. But she’s gonna love this experience.

This is the perfect me-time gifts for mom that’ll help her forget all her worries and just enjoy in the moment.

15. Face mask set that’ll give her the perfect glowing skin

Skincare is a woman’s best friend! And these everyday sheet masks is exactly what she needs. Believe me, she’ll remember you every time someone compliments her glowing skin.

I got these for myself but my mom started using them too, and fell in love with these immediately afterwards!

16. bath tray for the perfect luxury bath

how to be productive at home when bored

For “the much needed bath” after a long tiring week. Bath trays are such a thoughtful gifts for mom.

She can use it to keep her candles, mobile phone, maybe even wine, and make it a whole experience.

17. Silk eye mask so she doesn’t compromise with her beauty sleep

Silk eye masks are a game changer and the perfect luxury self care gift ideas for moms. Silk pillows not only feel good, while make your sleeping experience better, but are also good for the skin!

And the packaging, chef’s kiss! You’ll end up buying this gift for every woman in your life.

18. Comfy matching pjs that are never out of style

mother’s day gift idea

Idk about you but I always feel so stylish and put together when I’m wearing a pair of matching pjs, lol! And I’m sure your mom will feel the same too.

This pajamas set from Amazon is super soft and comes with tons of different color options, making the perfect mother’s day gift idea.

19. Super Trendy Stanley cups

mother’s day gift idea

I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t have a Stanley cup these days! And rightfully so. Your mom, just like you, needs a constant reminder to drink water. And having a water bottle is the perfect way to do this.

These Stanley tumblers are so trendy and cute, she won’t mind carrying them around with her. Hands down the perfect gifts for mom.

20. Cloud pillow for a restful sleep

gifts for mom

I know, self care seems to be all about face masks and bath bombs, but honestly it’s about prioritizing yourself and creating healthy habits. Like getting a comfy sleep.

These cloud pillows are guaranteed to give you that. My roommate loved it so much, she practically stole it from me.

21. Luxury soap gift pack

Luxury soaps for bathing. Are you kidding me? What else counts as a luxurious self care gift ideas for moms?

This gift set comes with a set of 6 soaps, to let you have a different experience everyday.

22. eye massager so that your mom’s eyes are never strained

mother’s day gift idea

I recently saw a girl on Instagram using it, and was immediately intrigued. It looks like just another cool device, but it truly works!

This eye massager helps you relax by giving gentle temple massages, reduces dark circles and eye strain. I’m sold!

This post is all about self care gift ideas for moms that are guaranteed to make you her favorite child!

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