fun mindfulness activities

33 Fun Mindfulness Activities For Adults To Stay Stress Free & Calm

This post is all about fun mindfulness activities for you!

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fun mindfulness activities

Mindfulness is getting all the buzz these days because people are getting so stressed and will take any (and every) solution to finally feel calm and in control. And mindfulness is the easiest way to get in the ~zone ~

In a world where everyone is fighting for your attention, and you’re constantly distracted by the next notification, being mindful is a luxury.

We’re either dreaming about going back to the ‘good old days’ or getting anxious thinking about the future, but what we don’t realize is that we’re missing the present in that.

If you’re not able to focus, always feeling rushed, or feel like your relationships are getting shallow, practicing mindfulness can help.

Studies have shown that people who practice mindfulness have increased self esteem, optimism and lower stress level (something we all want!)

If you have no idea what mindfulness is, here’s the ultimate guide, explaining ‘what mindfulness is?’, examples of mindfulness in everyday life and 30+ fun mindfulness activities you can try.

What is mindfulness in simple terms?

Simply put, mindfulness is the act of being present in the current moment. Just the mere awareness of what you can see, hear, smell, and feel right now?

Like right now, you’re sitting here reading a blog. But are you really present. Look around your surroundings and just absorb. What can you see, how are you feeling, how are you sitting?

It’s the practice of being aware of your (internal and external) surrounding, without any judgement. Simply experiencing the present moment as it is.

This sounds so simple, yet most of us are always lost in the past or the future.

Have you ever entered a room and forgot what you were there for?

Or checked your car lock twice because you forgot if you did it the first time?

These simple things show that we’re not really mindful about the present moment. So, how can you truly be mindful in everyday life?

What are examples of mindfulness in everyday life?

Mindfulness can literally be practiced every minute. And it is something that comes naturally to us.

But we’ve slowly adapted to a lifestyle where we’re constantly distracted, and so coming back to the present and being mindful might take some practice. But it’s no rocket science.

You can practice bringing your attention to the present in literally every thing you do.

Here’s the answer to what are examples of mindfulness in everyday life :

  • Eating your food without watching screens (Mindful eating)
  • Going on a walk and observing the surroundings (Mindful walks)
  • Sitting down for 5 mins and observing your breaths (Mindful meditation)
  • Close your eyes and notice what you’re hearing (Active listening)
  • Mindful exercising

People are often mindful while exercising, because they’re only focused on the current rep and not really worrying about their office work or something.

And that is exactly one of the reasons why you feel so fresh after a good workout session.

Is mindfulness same as meditation?

If you’re new to the concept of mindfulness, you might have the same doubt that I had. Is mindfulness same as meditation?

Mindfulness and meditation certainly overlap, but they are not the same thing.

Mindfulness is not as restrictive as meditation. You don’t have to sit at a particular place and follow this practice.

Mindfulness is a way of being. And it goes way beyond meditation.

Take a simple example, mindfulness allows you to be more aware of your thoughts while meditation allows to let go of your thoughts.

Although, either ways, you don’t have to judge your thoughts.

fun mindfulness activities

fun mindfulness activities for groups

1. Play the name game

This is such a fun mindfulness activities to play with your friends. Pick a color, and simply start naming everything around you of that color, one by one.

This’ll really bring your awareness to your environment and focus on the little things of the same color.

2. Blindfold

I already wanna play this! Ask your friend to notice everything in the room. Now, blindfold them and ask them where a certain object (like a water bottle) was placed.

Putting on a blindfold and not able to use your sense of sight heightens your other senses as well.

3. look out the window and share what you saw

This is a fun mindfulness activities if you’re driving around with your friend. Just look outside the window for 3 minutes, then share with each other what you saw.

It’d be really interesting to see how different people can look at the same thing and have different perspectives.

4. call your friends and play boardgames together

There’s something about playing boardgames that really keeps your attention in the present. Like, who’s got time to think about tomorrow’s presentation when you have a monopoly game to win!

5. DIY!

Gather your friends around and make a tie die shirt or paint a cup, or make friendship bracelets, there’s so much that you can do.

And you don’t even need to be too artsy, just have fun with it.

6. go to an art gallery

If you’re an art enthusiast, this is the perfect fun mindfulness activities. Go to a local art museum, just observe art, enjoy the moment, and live the aesthetics!

7. go to the beach

There’s something so calming about looking at the waves, observing the sea at the beach that makes you forget about all your worries.

It always makes me realize how small my problems actually are in this big effing world.

8. technology free dinners

Whenever you’re out with friends, ask all of them to keep their phones in this lock box and have a distraction free dinner. Trust me, you’ll have tons of quality conversations, and laughter exchanges.

5 minute mindfulness activities

9. Gratitude list

Practicing gratitude is my favorite 5 minute mindfulness activity. Simply sit down and write 3 things you’re grateful for, EVERYDAY.

And be very specific about the specific moments that made you feel grateful.

10. sipping morning coffee

You can practice mindfulness in the small everyday activities, like sipping your morning coffee.

You anyways do this every day, but the next time just bring your morning coffee to the porch and simply observe your surroundings. Embrace the calm before the crazy day ahead.

11. set an alarm to check in with yourself

Set a couple of alarms for yourself throughout the day. And every time the alarm rings, ask yourself, how are you feeling (mentally and physically)? What’s in your head? What’s around you?

Simply having this awareness would help you feel grounded.

12. appreciate 5 things around you

Another thing you can do every time the alarm buzzes, appreciate 5 things around you. Your helping coworker, the sunlight on your desk, your empty calendar. Whatever it is!

This is gratitude mixed with fun mindfulness activities.

13. morning intentions

Setting morning intentions is a 5 minute mindfulness activity. Every morning, before starting your work day, simply ask yourself, ‘What do I want this day to look like?’

14. make your bed the coziest you can

Make your bed, clean your sheets, put essential oils on the bedside, keep your favorite comforter around, whatever helps you feel cozy.

This would really help you focus on every single detail of your bed and actually notice how you’re feeling when you get in the bed.

Mindfulness Activities for adults

15. mindful walks

Walks are anyways so much fun! But if you’re going on a mindful walk, leave your phone and headphones behind. Just go on a walk and appreciate the nature!

16. Mindful driving

I feel like driving is already a mindful activity, you need to stay focused on the road and everything around you.

And it’s a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air.

17. paint by numbers

I don’t think it gets more artsy and creative than this!

Paint by numbers would really just help you relax your mind and focus on the task at hand. Notice the thoughts that come to your mind. Don’t judge.

18. running

Another fun mindfulness activity! Go on a run. You really don’t have any time to worry about your work drama when your heart rates high and need to focus on maintaining breathing level.

It might sound scary this way, haha, but as runners say, ‘There are only so many things that can make you feel as good as running does.’

19. cooking

If you love cooking, you know that you can’t really be absent mindedly involved in the kitchen. Take some time to cook your favorite recipe.

Taste the flavors, smell the tempting odors, and enjoy the process.

20. organizing

Organizing might sound like a chore but it can be very therapeutic and calming. And would really make you see around the house and analyze if everything’s in the right place.

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21. puzzling

Omg! I think the puzzling era is coming back. Get a puzzle holder, keep it on the side of your dinner table and start creating your puzzle.

This way, you don’t have to remove and rearrange your puzzle, you can simply come back to it every time you want a fun mindfulness activities.

22. Mindful gardening

If you’re a plant mom, paying attention to your plants and really noticing the small details in your garden that other people might skip over, comes naturally to you!

And adding some green to your house would bring more positivity as well.

23. Reading

Nothing like reading to get you engrossed in the present moment. I mean, what other time do we find so much meaning in every single word.

It’s hands down my favorite fun mindfulness activities right now.

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24. Feelings Journal

This would hardly take 5 minutes of your time, but would help you get back to the present moment.

Simply, answer this question in your journal, ‘how are you feeling?’

Physically and mentally. Just remember, don’t judge.

25. Take photographs

Not for your gram but for your memories. Sometimes, taking pictures really helps in romanticizing the little moments, that we’d otherwise look over.

26. appreciate the sunrise/sunset

Wake up earlier to enjoy the sunrise and just bask in the sun and have some peaceful me time. The world is quieter and much nicer in the morning.

Or drive somewhere to enjoy the sunset and appreciate nature’s art.

27. go to a coffee shop and simply observe

There’s so much to enjoy in a coffee shop. The sound of coffee machines, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, people having fun conversations.

Even thinking about it takes me to a happy place! I’m sure you’d love this fun mindfulness activities for adults.

28. bake your favorite cookies

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to try this. Whether you love cupcakes, or cookies, or a brownie, find a simple baking recipe and enjoy the process.

Baking requires a certain kind of patience and awareness and you can get so creative with it as well.

29. mindful skincare

You anyways practice skincare everyday. Take a moment to be more mindful about everything you’re applying to your skin.

See how it feels, is it too sticky, or not enough? It’ll help you be more aware of the products that you use everyday.

30. play an instrument

Now, I’m no music expert but I do know that playing an instrument needs proper attention on the chords you’re striking and the verses you play.

It’s a fun mindfulness activities for adults that will keep you grounded in the present.

31. romanticize simple rituals

If you just start being more intentional in your everyday life, it would help you a) be more present and b) romanticize your life.

A lot of time, we keep on doing things on autopilot and that’s why we’re never really present.

For eg, being intentional with your time with your puppy, look forward to it and make the most of it. Or being intentional about your route to work, maybe take a scenic route today.

32. yoga

Yoga, in it’s essence, is the act of showing up and being present on the mat. Your attention will wander during the practice, but you’ll constantly be reminded to to bring it back to the mat and focus on the poses.

Here’s a quick 15 min yoga to get started with.

33. mindfully get ready

Again, simply bringing more awareness to your everyday task can turn them into fun mindfulness activities.

Get ready, but this time, pay attention to the clothes you pick. Does your outfit makes you feel confident? Don’t worry about other people’s opinion, focus on how you feel today.

34. visit a library

I don’t think there’s any space to worry about your past or the future, when you have all these books around you.

Libraries have such a calming vibe; quietness filled with the noise of pages turning, surrounded by other readers, and books written by great minds.

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