Ready to finally get your life together! 🔥

By creating routines that you don’t quit in the first 3 days.
Been there, done that! 😂

Tell me if this is you . . .

You’re sitting on the couch on a Sunday evening watching your favorite show on Netflix. Feeling guilty about how you wasted another week and now it’s the end of March? Whatttt!?

You get that tiny wave of motivation and you start planning your week, but you stop mid way because you know you’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work for more than 3 days!

Because let's be honest . . .

Routines can get pretty boring

if you're not intentional about making it fun!

That’s why you need this workshop. To make your life feel less sucky and more organized and fun!

To create routines and systems that not only simplify your life but make it more exciting. The truths I’m spilling in this workshop will blow your damn minds!

It's time to start showing up as a leader in your own life.

who you are

what you do

Here’s what you’ll learn in this workshop . . .

How To stop making life harder

than it’s supposed to be! I’m going to break it out to you in such simple steps – it’ll blow your freaking mind!

Add more fun and excitement to your days

Stop merely surviving. Every day should feel nothing less than a party. You’ll start getting up everyday with so much excitement.

Get more done in less time

Simplifying your days so you can get more things done in less time. It’s time to start focusing on Smart work instead of hard work this quarter.

Stop feeling guilty about having fun

No more Sunday scaries. Get ready to enjoy your weekends; hell, even your weekdays. And be unapologetic about it!

Start thriving with your perf routines

Your routines and systems are meant to make your life simple and effortless. You’ll learn how to create routines that help you thrive and be your best self.

make it all happen in the next 90 days

At the end of the workshop, you’re getting access to a Q2 crush bundle to help you be that version of yourself in the next 90 days!

what people are saying . . .

"I jus needed this, to fix me n find a new me, the real me!!"
"This really made me clear my mind on my priorities and what I want in my life from this year."
"I wanted to move into 2022 with a positive mindset, momentum high and new goals. Thank you for being here. I'm already obsessed!"

But wait . . . I know what you're thinking

Because everyone focuses on the new strategy that works, but nobody focuses on the challenges that come once you start implementing those strategies. That’s where I come in!

This workshop will tell you how to practically deal with the problems that arise once you start following your routines. So, this way you can take any life organizing systems and make it work for you!

I know, we’re all busy. But what I’m going to teach you in this workshop will help you simplify your life and save so much of your time. These 60 minutes of learning will actually help you take 100s of hours of your time back.

Remember all the goals you set for yourself at the start of this year. How far ahead are you on each one of them? You don’t have any time to waste now.

And I’ll help you go all in in Q2 to help you get ahead on your Q3 goals even.

Contrary to the popular opinion, if your routines feel restrictive, you’re doing it wrong. In fact, your routines actually help you have more freedom of time.

When you have a system and routine that helps you feel your best and in control of your days, it’s much more easier to deal with the curveballs that life throws at you!

I get that, I used to feel the same. And that’s exactly why I learned about all these hot tips that I’m going to share with you.

These tips really made me go from feeling frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling excited to start my days, thanks to my morning routine!

Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Mayu. And I’m so excited to be hosting this workshop for you. Creating routines and systems have helped me soo much in my life in the past few years.

I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in life to thriving and feeling confident.

Trust me when I say, the right routine will make you feel like yourself again. <3

I’m also not someone who’s inherently good at following routines and plans, in fact I’m a pro lazy person – if you may! Which is exactly why I know all the problems that you may encounter on this journey.

And I’m so excited to share with you all the hot tips on how to deal with them in way that’s simple and fun!

what people are saying . . .

"This method has made a significant difference for me in just 10 days lol. I'm super focused on what I want."
"I can't wait to use your product. I'm so excited! Thank you . . I feel like this year is going to be better."