Are You Taking 10 hrs to make a decision?

You’ll walk out of this workshop finally making the decision you’ve been snoozing on! Giving you insanely simple hacks to stop being indecisive.

I feel so called out For this

& I know you do too! 😂

Tell me if you’ve been there


You’ve been scrolling through UberEats for the past 1 hr now trying to figure out what you want for dinner, because you don’t wanna eat pasta for the third time this week!

You know at the back of your mind that you finally need to join a gym. But you can’t get to a decision no matter how much time you spent on *research*.

Honestly, you’d rather let someone else decide for you at this point.

This is for you if . . .

  • For my planner people! Who take way to long trying to find the *right* way to do things.
  • You just want to stop delegating your decisions to future.
  • You wanna stop regretting your decisions.
  • You wanna stop letting other people control your life.
  • You wanna stop going back and forth doubting yourself.
  • You are ready to go all in but you’re just confused.

After this workshop . . .

The tips and hacks inside this workshop are so simple yet effective. If you start implementing them right away, you’ll be able to :

Finally make that decision in the next 1 hr

4-step system to take any decision

How successful people make the right choice

Have the confidence to finally trust your choices

A fun and simple challenge for you

what to do if you made a 'bad' decision

what people are saying . . .

"I jus needed this, to fix me n find a new me, the real me!!"
"This really made me clear my mind on my priorities and what I want in my life from this year."
"I wanted to move into 2022 with a positive mindset, momentum high and new goals. Thank you for being here. I'm already obsessed!"

think of that 1 decision that you've been putting off for the past 3 weeks? I'm sure you have something!

I’m giving you the exact tips that'll help you not only make that decision in the next 1 hr but also never waste time going back on forth on your decisions ever again!

Hey! I'm Mayu

I’m doing this workshop because I’ve had this experience and I know how frustrating it can feel to constantly go back and forth on your decision!

If you are an indecisive person, you know taking 10 days to make a decision still sounds less! People take months trying to make the *right* choice.

I once took 6 months trying to decide which laptop I want to buy for myself. Trying to find that one perfect product for me. Are we still talking about the laptop? Lol. 

But I finally got rid of that indecisiveness after I took this challenge that I’ll talk about in the workshop! I’m so glad I’m finally able to make my decisions in 10 mins, but also stick to them and really trust that I made the right choice.

what people are saying . . .

"This method has made a significant difference for me in just 10 days lol. I'm super focused on what I want."
"I can't wait to use your product. I'm so excited! Thank you . . I feel like this year is going to be better."