How To Not Let Your 3 hr Break Last For 3 Days?

Giving you insanely simple hacks that’ll completely shift your productivity game!

I feel so called out For this

& I know you do too! 😂

Tell me if you’ve been there


You’re lying on your couch taking a break; scrolling through Instagram, after working for a couple hours. But without you even realizing your 15 min break turns to a full blown 3-hour break.

You know at the back of your mind that you have things to do, but you just can’t gather the motivation to actually start doing the work. And the funniest part? You think, ‘I’ve already wasted so much time today. I’ll start fresh tomorrow’

This is for you if . . .

  • You no longer want to spend time procrastinating
  • You’re done making excuses like ‘I’ll start next Monday’ as if starting on a Tuesday won’t get you results.
  • You’re done going to sleep every night feeling like you wasted the day. Hoping tomorrow will be better.
  • You don’t wanna have things sitting on your to-do list for 2 weeks.
  • You want to own your me-time instead of feeling guilty every time you take a break.

After this workshop . . .

The tips and hacks inside this workshop are so simple yet effective. If you start implementing them right away, you’ll be able to :

Get that thing done that's been at the back of your mind for so long

Stop taking 3 days to actually 'start' doing something

Take breaks without having to worry about breaking the 'flow'

Get things done faster so you end your days feeling satisfied

Guilt free rest time

Get rid of the ‘I don’t have enough time’ mentality.

what people are saying . . .

"I jus needed this, to fix me n find a new me, the real me!!"
"This really made me clear my mind on my priorities and what I want in my life from this year."
"I wanted to move into 2022 with a positive mindset, momentum high and new goals. Thank you for being here. I'm already obsessed!"

This is not a workshop where I’ll give you all the generic ‘Put your phones in other rooms’, ‘Use Pomodoro technique’ productivity Tips.

I’m giving you the tried and tested hacks that that'll work for you especially when you're stuck in this ‘taking a break’ cycle.

Hey! I'm Mayu

I’m doing this workshop because I’ve had this experience and I know how frustrating it can feel to fall short on your productivity!

I used to have those zero-motivation days where I’d waste hours watching Youtube and then feeling guilty and overwhelmed for not having enough time!

When I started making the small tweaks that I’m going to be discussing inside the workshop, that procrastination time got lesser and lesser. I started having more time to rest.

I ‘m taking consistent breaks throughout the day. & I’m sleeping at night with satisfaction that I got  things done today!

what people are saying . . .

"This method has made a significant difference for me in just 10 days lol. I'm super focused on what I want."
"I can't wait to use your product. I'm so excited! Thank you . . I feel like this year is going to be better."