21 Days to Abundance

Giving you the secret sauce to *actually* build self confidence

In less than a month!

glow the f*ck up in 21 days or less ❤️‍🔥

The exact method that made me go from being constantly frustrated with my job and my life to starting the business I always dreamt of & making money doing what I love.

And NO, you don’t have to buy a one way ticket to Asia or quit your job today for a massive transformation. 🤦

How am I so damn sure?

Because I was there . . .


  • Stuck at in a corporate lifestyle, doing a 9-5 job.
  • Did feel good about anything in life.
  • Food and sleep were the only things I used to be excited about.
  • Struggling to find my passion.
  • No self worth or self confidence.


  • Gained the confidence to start my own business.
  • Getting up everyday excited to do sh*t.
  • Making $$$ doing things I love.
  • Created a lifestyle to keep my mind and body healthy.

Cutting out all the fluff and giving you the practical tips and everyday challenges that’ll get you results 5x faster without having to struggle through the process.

Transformation is supposed to be fun, ain’t it?

I'm ready for abundance!

You can keep doing the trials and errors and have the results in 12 months

OR get in the challenge, learn the simple & fun hacks and get the result in 3 weeks!

Don't take my word for it . . .

"I jus needed this, to fix me n find a new me, the real me!!"
"This really made me clear my mind on my priorities and what I want in my life from this year."
"I wanted to move into 2022 with a positive mindset, momentum high and new goals. Thank you for being here. I'm already obsessed!"

Get ready to 🔥

Find yourself again

You might feel stuck right now and think that you don’t have a shot at a better life but it’s not true. You’ll not only get closer to finding your passion but also learning how to make $$ doing what you love.

Be Unapologetically Confident

Be ready to get in the ‘She means business’ vibes! As you increase your self worth & self integrity during this challenge.

Defeat Laziness for real

Learn how to beat laziness and stop procrastinating shiz. You’ll learn how to get things done in less time. And how to make time for things that actually matter.

Be excited about your life

Your only highlights of the day are food and sleep? Now, you’ll get up everyday excited to get things done. Because you’re finally working on yourself.

have Better Relationships

When you realise your worth yo start attracting people who value you as well. Vibe with like minded people. The facebook group is a good place to start!

Have more time in your days

By the end of this challenge, you’ll end up having at least 3 hours extra than usual. Thanks to the consistent routines you’re building.

so, What's the challenge?

  • You have to follow 3 rules everyday
  • I’ll send you a new confidence challenge every day
  • Workout for 30 mins atleast
  • One daily journal prompt
  • One new challenge everyday to push your comfort zone

Message from the next level version of yourself :

“The best way to build confidence is to do more stuff you’re afraid to do! I’m glad you did this.” 

Hell yes! I'm in

Is it worth the money?

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the hype is real !

"This method has made a significant difference for me in just 10 days lol. I'm super focused on what I want."
"I can't wait to use your product. I'm so excited! Thank you . . I feel like this year is going to be better."